Kitchen Sink Soup of the Day – Leftover Smashed Potots and Kale

What happens when you mix leftover smashed potots (or mashed potatoes if you want to be boring about it) with all the veggies in your fridge that need eating?  Yummy Kitchen Sink Soup!  It tastes better than it looks!


Leftover smashed potots (with leftover gravy mixed in)





Veggie broth

Almond milk


Nutritional yeast

Hot sauce

What You Do with All That Stuff:

Saute the carrots, celery, kale, and garlic

add in smashed potots, milk, and veggie broth

mix together

take out half and blend with a blender or food processor (honestly a hand mixer right in the pot would have been better but i don’t have one)

Get it all back in the pot, add spices,  yeast, and hot sauce,  simmer for as long as you want.

Ta Da!


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