Florence and the Machine at the Commodore

Florence is this cute little brit with red hair and a BIG voice.  Wow was she fantastic.  Fueled by her own brilliance, her amazing band, and the crowd, Florence had the most energy onstage i have seen since Juliette and the Licks.  She BELTED out the tunes, half the time jumping around like a lovable nutcase.  What i struck me most was the way she could just let er rip with all the intensity the song deserved and still sound fucking fantastic.

What I love About Live Shows and Did She Do It?

Talking to the audience, and yes she did.  I HATE when bands and singers give one lazy “Hey Vancouver” and never speak to us again.  Florence engaged us, not only with her performance but also with her banter, her genuine thanks for us being there, and a heartfelt liking of the city, including letting us know she “saw the mountains, and am full of sushi!”

What I Hate About Live Shows and Did She Do It?

Saving your big single for the encore, and i think she did.  We left before the encore cuz we’re old and it was late (does a Wednesday night show really have to start at 930pm for the opening act and 1030pm for the headliner???) so i can only assume she sang “Kiss with a Fist” in the encore because she didn’t sing it before.

Final review: I forgive the cardinal encore sin because you rocked my socks off Florence.  In fact although i downloaded your album i have been inspired to actually BUY it.  Thanks doll, hope to see you again.


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  1. Jenn
    Apr 15, 2010 @ 21:16:58

    I was the lame old tired one:) Vanchick could have stayed out longer I am sure…after all, she is MUCH younger than I am. LOL.


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