Iron Man, this chick is smitten.

With the upcoming release of Iron Man 2 i figured i should watch the first.  And it kicked ass!

Reason’s Why Iron Man was Awesome:

1. Robert muther effin Downey Jr.:  Epitome of bad boy you want to date.  Even the skeezy mustache did not deter my lust for this character.  Rich as fuck, doesn’t give a fuck, completely fuckable.  Sorry for the language.

2. The score:  KICK ASS AWESOME!  Fireman by Ramin Djawadi.  I warn you not to drive while listening as i fear it’ll make you think you ARE Iron Man and start driving like a wannabe super hero.  I will be starting my own pledge similar to Oprah’s “No Phone Zone”.  It’ll be “No Super Hero Music Zone” and i implore you to take it seriously.  You can however listen to this track while doing it.

3. I didn’t get sleepy Once: Perhaps it’s because i watched it at 10am while sucking back coffee and vegan peanut butter cups (thanks Ange) but while most action flicks make me fall asleep this one certainly did not.  Is that weird?  I can watch a Tarantino-esque dialog scene (read; long) any time of the day or night but as soon as the bullets start flying i tend to nod off.  Ok, i guess it does depend on the awesomeness of the movie.  Crank, no worries.  Black Hawk Down, zzzzzzzz.  Feel free to comment on how much BHD rules and i suck.  Whatev.

4. It didn’t really piss me off when the feisty, smart, and pretty journalist with a hate on for Tony’s bad business immediately falls into bed with him:  Normally this kind of sexism in “boy movies” pisses me off big time, but in this case, of course she did.  No mater how smart she was he has so goddamn fuckable!  Sorry for the bad language again.  It’s the only word i can think of right now.

5. Jeff Bidges has a cool voice: Right?!?!?

6. I like super hero movies where the super hero is a super hero because he’s (or she’s…) rich.  Not because they got bitten by something:  Confirms what i know to be true.  It’s rad to be rich.  This message is much more true than one along the lines of “money isn’t everything” or “it’s better to be loved than rich”.  Bullshit.  It’s best to be loved and rich.  And money isn’t everything, but it’s a lot.  Should i be spelling super hero without a space?


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