Killing Time on Apple Trailers

Sex and the City 2……i cannot WAIT for this movie because i am a huge SATC DORK!  I will be laughing and crying and jumping up and down in my seat.  Wanna come with?

The Other Guys…..will Marky Mark hold his own?  Can the Rock replace the image in my mind of him in a tutu?  Does Samuel L Jackson kick some muther f***ing ass?  Is Will Farell the shiznit?  I hope so, i really hope so, f*** yes, and dude….yes.

Malice in Wonderland……the trailer sucks big time but i am still hoping for radness

Iron Man 2….RDJ, you just keep doin’ that thing that you do so well….  Also LOVE Sam Rockwell and of course Samuel L Jackson so this should be rad.  Weird when another actor plays a character from the 1st installment (Howard to Cheadle) – not as weird as The New Kids on the Block on my TV right now doing a medley and that NKOTB dance move….seriously guys, so sad.

Salt….lame name, but Angelina is still the hottest so whatev.

Eat Pray Love….i’m torn.  i loved the book but i am terrified by Julia Roberts giant forehead vein.

Bluebeard….looks creeptastically neaterific.

In My Sleep… concept, crap movie.  Yup i know this from the trailer because it GIVES EVERYTHING AWAY!  Feckin trailers that give everything away. goddammit.

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World….An Epic of Epic Epicness.  That’s the tag line, hope it’s lives up.

ok, i have to go to bed now…..


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ange
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 00:50:32

    Did you leave out A-Team???


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