Happy Earth Day!

In honor here are some links to eco-friendly versions of some of my faves….shoes, food, and booze 🙂


Urban Original Shoes: Must be rad as everyone knows i have a hate on for things called Urban…why does everything have to have Urban in it’s name?!?!?  Annoying.  Anyway, this store has loads of shoes that contain no animal products, they have everything you could possibly be looking for, and it’s cheap as shit!  NICE!


Bandidas on the Drive is simply the best breakfast joint in town.  Great coffee, scrumptious food, vegetarian (they do have eggs) with LOADS of vegan options.  They also serve killer margarita’s and guac if you come later in the day.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

La Taqueria in Gastown serves the bestest most authenticist taco’s ever.  Great for veggies and meat lovers alike.  Same spot that Nuba used to be in on Hastings (don’t fret, Nuba, another one of my all time faves, has moved just down the street).

And what if you want to cook at home?

Organic Acres Market in the Granville Island Public Market is your best bet for Van, all seasonal organic veggies.  And if you’re in Vic visit The Root Cellar for a simply divine experience in produce shopping.  While in Vic you should also go to The Joint….VEGAN PIZZA!!  NOW BY THE SLICE!  Goddamn do i wish we had one here….

Hang on, while i’m talking about out of town food i cannot forget to mention the Bye and Bye in Portand.  As if the fact that it’s an ALL VEGAN PUB wasn’t rad enough, the drinks come in jars, there’s a back patio with communal picnic benches, and the bartenders are hot.  I am looking at flights as i type this…..

Ok, on to BOOZE!

New Belgium is the worlds most sustainable brewery….And their website is fantastical.  I haven’t actually tried the beer but i will….it’s now one of my eco-challenge missions!  As for beer i have tried Turning Point Bewerys beer is yummy and the brewery is sustainable and local.  Rad fo shizzle.

Happy Earth Day, I’m going to online shoe shop while getting drunk on sustainable beer and dream of vegan meatball subs in Portland…….


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  1. Jenn
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 15:34:41

    That is one of my fav posts yet! It gets me all excited to read about all the rad vegan things we have access to:)
    I ditto all of the listed radness – except I still suck at drinking beer…..not the hard stuff though! Just the beer……lol


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