Monday Madness – it’s challenge time!

Starting this Monday, every Monday i will be challenging myself to something.  This week it’s keeping my apartment clean.  You’d think that with only me and such a small space it wouldn’t be hard but it’s the exact opposite.  Since there’s no one else around i can just throw shit around and leave shit lying around and there’s no one to complain.  I should get a monkey.  For A I would feel bad about messing up the joint if i had a monkey roomate and B i’m pretty sure i could train him to tidy up anyway so….OH!  And he could reach high things!!  Ok, i am so totally getting a monkey.  Or maybe i should just pause here and get a coffee since it’s ready.  Hang on.  Ok, i’ve had some coffee and some time to reflect, and of couse…..i want a monkey!  But for now we’ll concentrate on keeping the pad clean.

I like these little guys but i don’t think they’d get much housework done.  They could be handy   little pick pockets tho….


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