Status report, was it a very productive day?

YES!  and boy howdy am i bagged.

Tidy my apartment including cleaning my bathroom, sweeping, and vacuuming.<–done!

Do all my dishes.  Fuck me, i am only i person, how do i make so many dishes?!?!? <– mostly done, only a few dishes hiding in the oven

Do my laundry and hang ALL my clothes. <– done!

Unpack from Vegas which was 3 weeks ago.  Oops. <–um….sort of…lol

Hang my new hair tool storage thingamajigger. <– done!

Hang the art i picked up from Costco (no i did not buy it there, it’s the best place i’ve found to get things mounted.  Mounted..hehe) months ago. <– best part of the day!  See pics below.  Mad pops and big ups to Josie.

Finish with the laptop i’m giving Josie and the harddrive i borrowed from Dorian. <–not done 😦

Upload pics off my camera. <– not done

Try to eat a meal of two. <– ate 2 whole meals today, which i good for me for a weekend.  also had 4 beers so we’ll go ahead and call them meal #3!

Deal with the ticket stubs i’ve saved for my ticket stub book.  I may rethink this tho as i want my ticket stubs somewhere i can see them. <– not done…and Mom, i like the idea but the whole point of my glass coffee table is to make the room feel more open.  yes, the 13 sq foot room that’s smaller than the bathroom at the Venetian.  Any other ideas?

My Art!!  The artist is Megan Majewski, check her site HERE


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