Fancy Cab!

As some of you (aka my friends, aka, the only people who read this blog) may know, i have a hate, hate relationship with taking cabs in Vancouver.  i hate how they only come when you don’t need them, i hate how they wont come when you do.  I hate how they cannot tell you how long they will be, and i hate how they give you approximately 13 seconds to come down from a 13th floor apartment.  I especially hate when you have to take a cab home at 3 o’clock in the morning, from LANGLEY and when one finally shows up you get in a big fight about paying up front and have to speak with the dispatcher (that was fun tho, love talking on CB big daddy) only to have the cabbie try to poison you with funky smelling OJ.  OK yes that was years ago but i am still not over it yet.  tonight my friends, it was different.  oh yes, it started out the same, no cab until i i gave up on standing in the rain and took shelter, and then a cab within 4 minutes of my buses supposed arrival.  Whatev, i took it and said what i always say “i’m paying with Visa, should i give it to you now?”, expecting a big ass sigh and possibly some “sorry no visa” bullshit.  But no!  The cab driver informed me this was a “fancy cab”!!  Practically a “limo”!!!  The visa would go through in seconds!!!!  Well well.  And so it was a fancy cab, with a screen in the headrest where one could select a multitude of entertainment options.  The cabbie and i shared our horoscopes and debated if they were true.  He then APOLOGIZED for leading us into a West End dead end, which usually leads to scorn on the drivers and end shame on mine.  And what’s this?  My visa did go through in relative nanoseconds instead of the usual 45 minutes.  Needless to say i tipped 80% on my $5 tab.  Let this be a lesson to all cab haters.  Continue to hate taking cabs in Van because it is usually a lesson in pain, but hold hope….for the fancy cab!!


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  1. Jenn
    Apr 27, 2010 @ 17:12:14

    That is awesome1 Sounds like a NYC cab – they are all fancy cabs. We should upgrade to all fancy cabs with fancy drivers like the one you had. That would make my life better.


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