Booze at the Dentist and Other Fine Ideas

This is about things that annoy me.  One should not dwell on the negative but there is something to be said for cathartic release.

Of course tights as pants annoy me.  I don’t know if you are aware but i feel pretty strongly that tights are not pants.  However, i must admit, if all of a sudden this ridiculous fad ends i will miss saying “look, someone forgot their pants” behind girls backs.  That would be sad.

Last week Yandi asked me to mention the way dates are written and how annoying it is.  Everyone writes dates differently.  I like a good old 01Apr10 (my birthday!) as it’s pretty obvious what is the day, month, and year.  I thought, ok, that’s kind of annoying but bloggable?  Then i pulled a bag of chips out of the recesses of my cupboard last night with the date 09/07/10.  What the fuck does that mean?  The 9th of July 2010?  Yay i can eat them!  The 7th of September 2010?  Even better!  But wait, they are chips and have been in there since who knows when.  That date could easily be the 10th of July 2009 and blam, i have food poisoning.  Annoying.  When i rule the world everyone must write dates as day/month/year.  It just makes sense.  To me.

The other day Josie and i  had a nail appointment.  We showed up on time and waited 5 minutes before someone said “it’ll be another 10” (which BTW, it wasn’t, it was more like 20).  This REALLY annoys me because it’s such an easy fix.  How hard is it to say “I’m sorry.  We’re running late.  We’ll be with you in another 10 min.  Thank you for waiting.”???????  Not that hard.  Also if you have to wait for an appointment you should get booze.

It annoys me when i run out of toilet paper.  Again, such an easy fix.  Why can’t i make an effort to buy toilet paper with, like, 3 rolls left instead of 1/2 of 1?  Also i should put a bottle of booze in the cupboard so that when i run out of toilet paper at least i can relax and have a drink.

NON VEGAN NON-DAIRY CHEESE!  Arrrrrrg!  What is the effing point of non-dairy cheese that is not vegan?  Who is eating it?  Lactose intolerant people?  Nope, they are popping pills in order to eat the real stuff.  I’ll tell you whose eating it, new vegans who don’t read the label assuming that non-dairy cheese has NO MILK PRODUCTS IN IT.  And it’s bad enough in the stores but at restaurants it is especially annoying.  Yes Steamrollers, i am talking to you.

People not commenting also annoys me, so comment bitches!


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  1. Pam
    May 20, 2010 @ 21:52:07

    Robyn your post reminded me of this youtube video


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