Sex, City, Fashion, and Female Friendship

As a huge fan of Sex and the City I was blown away by the first movie.  I laughed, cried, and generally spazzed out for 2 hours, to the chagrin of my not nearly as obsessed movie mates.  At the end credits of SATC 1 I was bawling my eyes out, thinking – nay moaning for all to hear that this was it.  It’s all over.  I will never be able to see new scenes of my 4 favorite New Yorkers again.  For 2 years I watched old episodes, reliving some of my favorite moments with Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie over and over again.  Break up by post it, the I Love You cookie, a registry for a single girl, a lost diaphragm.  The sex, the love, the breakups, and of course the fashion.  The first time i saw the trailer for the SATC 2 film i was giddy with excitement, and never had a moments thought that the 2nd film wouldn’t be as great as the first.  All i was afraid of was that they would break up Carrie and Big.  SATC 2 didn’t have the drama of the first movie and that’s ok.  It was more like an extended episode, but with bigger and splashier moments.  All the key elements were there, from the opening music on it was all the best that SATC has always offered.  SATC is about so many things but the main theme has always been the friendship between 4 ladies who, while very different in everything from their jobs to their taste in men, share what we all share.  They are strong powerful women who are awesome on their own (and with each other) but at the end of the day are looking for love.  My favorite scenes are when Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda sit down to eat together.  Be it brunch or a midnight nosh here is where they share, laugh, crack jokes at each other’s expense, dispense advise, and just love each other’s company.  I have related to and learned a lot from this franchise and will always be a fan.  Now i’m going to wait with baited breath for SATC 3 and hope to laugh and cry with these women until they’re sitting around a nursing home. I imagine being pushed in a wheelchair by a hot young aid because they refuse to take off their Manolo’s (they could get stolen you know!).


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