Awesome? And Crazy?!? Yup Sounds Like Me.

I am so proud of myself this week!  And I may have been poisoned.  First off i ate only super awesome, scrumptios-ly good for me homemade meals for almost every lunch and dinner this week.  There was 1 lunch trip to Subway and tonite i had Wok Box…both of which aren’t all that bad.

Last night’s dinner was especially good because it was prepared with the help of friends and was the center of an evening of wine and So You Think You Can Dance.  What did we have?  BIG salad and Ginger Carrot soup from How it all Vegan.  What’s in a BIG salad you ask?  Well last night it was: mixed greens, baby carrots, perfect avocado’s, artichoke hearts, Gardein chicken, red and yellow bell peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and walnuts!  All drizzled with the best salad dressing ever, Spicy Strawberry from Little Creek. Yumtastic!

The second reason i kicked ass this week is because i barely used any takeout containers!  As you may have read, i failed epically the “Great No Container Challenge of 2010” but at least it put the idea of trying to go container free at the top of my mind.  At Subway i not only said no thanks to the plastic bag, but i guilted my boss into forgoing the bag as well.  At Wok Box i used all my own containers, for the stir fry, the spring rolls, and the drink!  The only container i took was the one for plum sauce and i will save it for salad dressing for my next BIG salad.

Reason why i think i’ve been poisoned?  While walking home from work today i was stopped at an intersection when a woman carrying a loaded starbucks tray said “i know this is weird but do you like soy chai latte’s?”  i said yes and so she gave me one, on ice.  She said it was an extra and she wouldn’t drink it.  I took it, she said happy Friday, and we parted.  I took 2 sips and my inner paranoia kicked in.  You know those warnings that circulate?  The ones about not smelling perfume from strangers at the gas station and such?  That thought bounced around my head until i chucked the drink in the nearest trash can.

Reason’s To Believe I Was Not In Fact Poisoned:

1. The lady in question was a young, well dressed, business type lady, not a freak show at the gas station.

2.  We were not at a gas station, or some dark alley, but just outside of a Starbucks.  With lots of people walking past.

3.  She didn’t follow me, so what reason would i have to believe she wanted me poisoned?

4. My google searches for “Starbucks Soy Chai Latte Poisoning Scam” have turned up nada.

5. I am sometimes crazy in the head.  And according to Snopes the above perfume scam is false anyway!

Reason’s Why I May Have been Poisoned:

1. Crazier things have happened?

Anyway, to the peeps who i will see at the event i’m attending tomorrow: if i don’t show come check on me! 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Josie
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 07:18:02

    I am here to say!!!!!…….I am super proud of you for bringing all your own containers! Even the drink!!! You are FABULOUS!!!!


  2. chico
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 16:26:52

    You go girl! The other a random twentysomething girl ran up to Ben and I. She turned to Ben and asked “would like this chocolate bar.” He was like, “huh?” I said thanks and she ran to catch her bus. A nice random act I thought for a while. Then later I chucked it too, why would you give a 3 year old a Wunderbar? She’s weird? I’m weird? He likes carrots not chocolate anyway.


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