So You Think You Can Dance: 1 of 11 Voted Off

I have NEVER been more grateful to my PVR…EVER.  Yup, i’m talking about having the ability to fast forward through the Justin Beiber video.  Thank god for that. The other entertainment was pretty good.  i also skipped Usher.  i like the song, but i have raw, vegan 1 bite brownies to make tonite so i just didn’t have the time time t0 spare!  The Twyla Tharp dance was pretty awesome, i love seeing really mature professional dancers.  I have to admit though that lots of the contestants this year stack up pretty close!  Oh and Cat’s dress made me crave butterscotch….mmmmm, blingy, blond butterscotch……

Ok onto the results.  Alexie, Melinda, and Christina in the bottom 3.  Makes sense, they all under performed.  Melinda because she’s cold as ice (as Nigel commented, a tad more nice that me), Alexie because she was nothing but cute, and Christina because SHE’S NOT THAT GOOD!  Sheesh.  Anyway, i was hoping Christina would be gone, shocker i know.  Alexie has wanted this so bad and it was her first show, i wanted her to have another chance.  Melinda could stay or go, but i think she at least has more talent than Christina, even if she does have horrible legs (agreed with Mia upon replay).  But no, Alexie is gone…in my opinion because there are other contemporary girls but no other tapper or ball room.  Erg, i hate that.  But i still love the show, they just better not play any Jonas Brothers on an upcoming episode.  Seriously.

Bye bye Alexie, good luck hocking your cute ass elsewhere, i’m sure you’ll have plenty of buyers.


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  1. Michael
    Jun 18, 2010 @ 05:55:42

    I was also hoping Christina would get the boot – I don’t think she’s as talented as the others. It was sad to see Alexie go since she tried so hard to get on the show but I think Melinda (who has sexy legs…. what are you talking about?!) has more potential (and she’s totally hot… maybe I’m a bit biased), though none of the bottom three really stepped it up in the ‘dance for their lives’.

    Oh, I also think they degrade the dignity of the show by playing a Justin Beiber video. thanks goodness for the PVR indeed.


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