During the first 20 minutes of the film i was thinking “I don’t think i needed this popcorn, i ate too much sushi at dinner” as well as “hooray for seriously interesting movie plots.  It just doesn’t happen enough!” And although it was twisty i felt i was following along nicely.  But then it all went to shit and i was left not knowing what the fuck happened.  Here’s the thing.  I don’t mind movies that make zero sense, as long as they are fucked up enough to warrant it.  Feel me?  Take for instance any David Lynch film.  You don’t need to try to figure it out because you are too busy being amazed by the sheer insanity of it all.  Inception however wants you to figure it out…but you can’t…my theory is because there are mad plot holes but i could be wrong.  I don’t know.  And frankly, i am not sure if i care.  The acting however was great, the editing and visuals were pretty awesome, and the soundtrack was rad.  Also there were some hot boys outside who made some funny jokes about how they didn’t get it either.  That was cool.

And so, to make myself feel better about feeling lost i want to think about something that i can really understand and get behind.  I give you….

That’s right ladies, a bra that holds an entire bottle of wine!  This gem not only gives you bigger boobs (for about 15min anyway) it allows you to get hosed…through a hose!

Now if only i had this in the theater……

**thanks mom for the tip on this one!


Dinner for Schmucks

What can i say…it was really, really funny.  And creative and surprising (i hate the word creative but cannot think of anything better right now).   Most importantly though this film made me laugh out loud, say “oh my god”, gasp, and cover my mouth in hysterics.  And i don’t think any of that was due to the gin i poured in my sprite.

I am aware this is a super lame review.  Just go see it yourself and think your own thoughts.

Best Day ~ Facials, Food, and Freebies!

Sometimes your friends need help moving, or want you to psycho cat sit…and sometimes they need your help for their spa technician final exam.  That’s the worst.  When you have to miss work to go get a free facial, body wrap, and hour massage.  Gosh Dang It!

To make myself feel better after doing such a huge favor i treated myself to Nuba.  Mmmmmm Nuba.  How the eff did i leave it off my list of fave vegan(friendly) places in Van?!?  Well it is on there now!  Full from Nuba greatness i am now going to watch last nights episode of So You Think You Can Dance and perhaps have a nap.

Can’t fall asleep for too long however as i won screener passes to Dinner for Schmucks tonite!  Woo hoo for free movies starring Paul Rudd ♥♥

Anyway, that’s my best day, thanks life!

Vancouver has the most sushi restaurants per capita…probably…

Or maybe the most lattes, or yoga studios…..

Do you also want Van to be the greenest city in the world?  Well, what are you going to do about it?!?  The City of Vancouver is looking for your ideas on how to make the city green, join up and leave your thoughts!  My idea?  Make bus tickets optional instead of automatic.  Smart eh?!?

It was the 90's…….

And i think i ended up as kind of a cross between Janet and Cliff.

My best years were all about layering on the grunge and looking like an old man….huh whu?!? Odd that this was the only time in my life i never had a problem finding a boyfriend….

2 favorite outfits included:

Army boots: A MUST for every outfit. Everyone had them and at a party you had to know who’s name was in your boots or you would never find them in the massive pile by the door. Mine were from Mc…something. These gems were high fashion but did not have any grip. You really had to use your core when walking across the slippery parking lot, so as not to fall in front of the jocks sitting on their low rider trucks.

Wool socks: Wow, just what a lovely young woman should wear ALL THE TIME. I was not a lovely young woman.

Thermal underwear: No matter the weather, i had to be sporting a wicked pair of long johns. Thanks Zellers for keeping me in stock.

Jean cut offs (2 sizes to big) and a Jim Morrison t-shirt layered over a checkered long sleeve OR a long black velvet dress, with said Jim Morrison t-shirt over top. Wow. Didn’t i get hot? I loved in the Canadian dessert after all!

The 2nd outfit was also attractive as hell. It consisted of whatever i could find at the thrift/rock store that was:

a) polyester

b) way too big

c) ugly as fuck (a lot of paisley here)

d) meant for an 80 year old man and

d) cheap.

Usually this meant brown pants that i had to cut and belt to fit and a disgusting button down shirt. Again, WOW.

Oh and don’t forget the brown and yellow wool sweater worn under my army jacket…you know, just to ugly it up a little more.

So i was the picture of pretty, how about you?

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Me as a Quitter

So you must know by now that i have quit smoking.  this time for good.  yup, i have said that before, and no i cannot tell the future, but i am pretty damn sure i will never again be a smoker.  it’s crazy that it has taken this long to figure it out but i finally have, the 2 things that will make this time different.  1) i’ll get over it.  The last time i quit was for 8 months.  I was A-OK by that time, tripping along without a care in the world. i know that as bad as it is now (and it’s not that bad, keep reading) it’ll be over soon and i will be a happy and healthy non smoker. 2) there is no such thing as 1 cigarette.  nope, not even one.  i am pretty sure that my addiction will never die.  it may get smaller and weaker but it will always be there, whispering (instead of screaming) that i can have just one.  this is not true, it’s a lie, it’s my addiction trying to trick me into becoming a smoker again.  Sorry kiddo, like i said, i have no idea what took me so long…but i wont be tricked again.

I mentioned it isn’t that hard, and you were all “fuck off it’s not” and i was all “yeah huh”…..The method i am using to quit is laser acupuncture.  Thanks be to Groupon and Josie.  I had tried traditional acupuncture before and had poor results, mainly because i was not a fan of the treatment.  I had never heard of laser acupuncture when Groupon featured a deal on Revitalize Now.  I hemmed and hawed, it was a great deal and i had already decided to quit right around Canada day, but it was a lot of money.  In the final hour Josie emailed to ask if i had seen the deal and that she knew of a few people it had worked for.  After spending a day debating this was what i needed to push me in the right direction, and i am very glad i accepted the push.  Rachel at Revitalize Now is awesome.  She is a holistic healer who really wants people to be smoke free.  We had a phone and in person consultation where we discussed my reasons for quitting and what it would take to be successful.  She then laid me out and performed the treatment while i listened to a hypnotherapy CD about quitting smoking.  The treatment lasts about 30 minutes and consists of painless pricking sensations on the ear acupuncture points and a pulsing on the hand points.  Rachel also recommends adjusting your diet to accommodate a detox (more vitamin C, adding magnesium and a green shake, etc), gives you the hypnotherapy CD to listen to every day (i listen to it as i fall asleep), sends daily inspirational texts, and makes you do “homework” to get to some of the psychology of the addiction.  So far i am amazed by the results.  Other than this regime i am going cold turkey but have yet to have a really psychotic moment which i have experienced in the past.  The thoughts are still there (“i can’t do this”, “i don’t want to do this”) but they are not accompanied by screaming and crying and generally losing my shit.  I think it’s because the physical symptoms are almost non existent (which is what the laser works on) and so the psychological without the physical just does not have as much power.  I am not saying it’s easy…it’s hard.  I still have my moments where i WANT TO SMOKE GODDAMMIT!!!  And moments where i feel lost without the habit. Unlike previous quit attempts these thoughts and feelings are manageable and i know from past experiences that this is easier than it has ever been.  When i say it was expensive you should know that i got a kickin’ deal through Groupon (i’ve said it before, if you are not signed up you’re a sucker) but i would recommend this treatment even at the regular price.  it’s your life you’re saving after all.

Jenn to Van Chick on the ride home from work today: “boy it’s nice not to have to wait for you to smoke!”


and this JC has creepy laser beam eyes….ok, gonna go listen to my hypnotherapy CD now…..

Radness – Accessorize!

Vegan handbags that are Oh So Cute!

Click the pic.

Sunglasses with serious edge

Crap photo of stellar shades.  Found them at a vendor during fireworks tonite and they are apparently LOKD Sunglasses.  Website is not working but they have a My Space page….

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