Wow, it’s been a long time since i’ve written.  My bad…have just been busy and scattered and not really in the mood to sit down and type.

I need to get back in the groove and so will tell you briefly about my banishment and why it’s not all that bad.

My building is non-smoking, as it should be because smokers are jokers as Josie loves to remind me.  And it’s true.  And i smoke.

So the other night i smoked up a storm on my balcony, as that’s what a glorious evening, a magnificent sunset, and a liter of wine can sometimes cause.  The result?  A letter from my resident manager advising me “no more smoking or you’re evicted!”  Okie dokie then, fair enough.  So for the past few days i have been trudging my ass outside to sit on a crack head bench to get my fix.  Ever so lame.  And to add ironic insult to injury…. i have now, several times, been seen outside in my PJ’s.  Although my PJ’s are sweat-pant shorts and a t-shirt, you know, what some would deem appropriate work wear, i am not OK with PJ’s in public.  Sweat-pants are for INSIDE your home.  Wear them all day for all i care, just do not be seen in public in them.  Not only am i a bad kid, i am now going against one of my ultimate covenants, wear CLOTHES when you are outside (and that includes the necessary pants my friends).  The good news is i have an appointment with destiny tomorrow night and am quitting smoking.  That’s right, i have had enough.  More news on that as it goes down, I am using laser acupuncture and so will post a full report of my mood swings as they occur.  So tonite and tomorrow morning will be my last demeaning walks of shame to the crack bench, and i have certainly learned my lesson.

On a side note, one non-shameful way to spend some time outdoors is the free movies in the park series happening all over the lower mainland.  Bring a blanket, a pillow, some warm clothes and a flask to enjoy one of these great movies outside.  Hooray for us, choosing to live in a city free of mosquitos!!/pages/Vancouver-BC/FREE-Outdoor-Movie-Events-in-BC/19597231711?ref=ts&__a=25&ajaxpipe=1


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ange
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 05:55:08

    It’s about time! If I haven’t said it enough I missed your posts and felt like a stalker checking for new ones. Now I have to figure out how to set up the email notification thing…of wait there’s a box I can check at the bottom of this page for that. Fabulous.


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  3. Melissa
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 06:14:19

    I can’t believe they would want to evict their FAVORITE tenant!!?? I think they were just trying to scare you 🙂

    But, whatever works to quit smoking eh?


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