Why Today is Wicked Awesome…..

1. I am on day #3 of being free from smoking!  Had a follow up laser treatment and it’s really helping.  Although i don’t feel like dancing in the street i also don’t feel like ripping anyone’s face off.  I’d say i am in a pretty tolerable middle ground.

2. I love my city!  How the eff have Maude and i lived downtown for years without riding over the Burrard St bridge?!?!?  Today was the day and it was lovely.  Rode over, grabbed a bite to go at Planet Veg (how the eff have i been vegan for a year and 8 months and not eaten there?!?!) and then carried on to Kits beach to sit and eat and read in the sunshine.  As i said, lovely.

3. The weather is **skip to the next one if you are Josie** perfect.  After a seriously shitty start the summer is shaping up nicely (and so are my alliteration skills).  Here’s to hoping it extends late into September because OMG it’s ALMOST AUGUST!!  Wow.

4. I got a kickin deal from Rogers.  After an hour on the phone, threatening to cancel and go to Wind i came away with a super deal on my plan.  It’s still way to much money but at least i am saving a bit…..thanks Kyle of customer relations!

5.  A Complicated Kindness by Canadian Miriam Toews (us canadians should know how to pronounce that after the Olympics). That’s the book i am reading and it is radtastic.  If you are a fan of kind of dark and twisty, unconventional literature i highly recommend this book (as well as The Flying Troutmans by the same author).  I would say that if you dig Chuck Palahniuk, or Nick Hornby, or Christopher Moore or Kurt Vonnegut you would also dig Miriam Toews.  If you dig all of those authors you are the official winner of this weeks KICK ASS award! Congratulations!!  I’d like to link to all of the authors above but i am too lazy.  Please copy and paste into Amazon or the like.

Things that made me go hmm….

Everything is a balance and for the 5 things that were rad today there were 2 that made me say wuh?

1. High waisted jean shorts.  Saw some at Kits beach.  Barf.  There are many reasons they went away and camel toe was only one of them.

2. There was a guy in Planet Veg wearing a ZeroFootprint.net T-Shirt ordering a yogurt cone.  Not to be a dick but supporting the dairy industry does not result in a zero footprint.  Of course, no one is perfect, and we can only do what we can do, and anything we do is better than doing nothing at all…..

I just think it would be like if i was wearing my Jesus I’m Drunk shirt at a straight edge satanist conference.  That’s all.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jenn
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 02:30:07

    Great post dude! Glad to hear you got Maude over the bridge:)
    Love A complicated kindness! It is a fabulous read.
    Ditto on the yogurt guy. Good effort but not quite there yet;)


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