Speaking of Addictions….

Rory “Skinny Bitch” Freedman just wrote a blog for Crazy Sexy Life called Giving Up TV.  Oh shit.  As some of you know, the main reason i went vegan is because Rory (and the other Skinny Bitch Kim Barnouin) told me too.  They also told me to give up wine (no), smoking (day 5 beeatches!), and coffee (quit for a few weeks recently, back to a few cups a day).  I have often thought about going TV free and have taken some steps to curb my addiction.  At one point i think i had 40 shows in my series recordings!!!  1st step was cutting out ALL reality TV (SYTYCD is not reality, it’s competition…like a sports show).  Sometimes it was hard, like when everyone was talking about what was happening on Big Brother or America’s Next Top Model. And as you know, every week IS THE MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER!  Overall though i don’t miss those shows as they are really just a LOT of negativity.  I also broke up with a few shows i knew i could do without and am ruthless with new shows. If it doesn’t grab me within the first 2 episodes it’s gone.  The sad news however is that with the end of the regular season I found myself researching what to watch in the summer!  Not good!!!  Quick check of how many series are on my PVR right now:

28 shows!!!  WOW!  Now, 4 of those are summer shows and 1 is a mini series which will end soon.  But still, holy moly.  That’s not counting the couple of shows that don’t play in Canada that i have to download!  And thew new shows that will start in September.  Holy geez, i didn’t think it was that bad.  If we only factor in fall TV that equals 17 hours a week.  Or almost 3 hours a day.

Ok, it seems that something still has to be done.  I am not sure what yet but i will keep you posted.


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  1. bonnie
    Jul 26, 2010 @ 16:39:24

    So glad to hear you have signed off the Reality TV – it is so not real ! unless you can actually find a positive one – which happens very occasionally. However, some tv is still ART & should not be given up in a wholesale manner. Saying all tv is bad is like saying all reading is bad ………..and that is just fuzzy thinking !


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