The Kick Ass Award


Current Title Holder


October 7th 2010….

Adrienne from Polish’d – the BEST place for a pedi in Van City by the coolest and most talented nail artist around!

Yay Adrienne!!

August 7th 2010….

edible flours

I have only had the banana loaf and a lemon cookie but both were awesome.  I would have taken a picture had i not scarfed them BOTH down so fast.  Yum!  edible flours (they hate capitalizing just like me!) is a vegan bakery that also makes gluten free and sugar free, and gluten AND sugar free treats!  They also have a pick up and a delivery service.  And a free delivery day!!!  They rock.  And for that they are the proud (or they would be proud if they had any idea) recipients of the KICK ASS AWARD!

Congratulations edible flours.  Rock on.

July 26th 2010….

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World…i think you may have made it into my Fave Films of All Time.  Also you are the winner of The Kick Ass Award.  Congrats!


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