It was the 90's…….

And i think i ended up as kind of a cross between Janet and Cliff.

My best years were all about layering on the grunge and looking like an old man….huh whu?!? Odd that this was the only time in my life i never had a problem finding a boyfriend….

2 favorite outfits included:

Army boots: A MUST for every outfit. Everyone had them and at a party you had to know who’s name was in your boots or you would never find them in the massive pile by the door. Mine were from Mc…something. These gems were high fashion but did not have any grip. You really had to use your core when walking across the slippery parking lot, so as not to fall in front of the jocks sitting on their low rider trucks.

Wool socks: Wow, just what a lovely young woman should wear ALL THE TIME. I was not a lovely young woman.

Thermal underwear: No matter the weather, i had to be sporting a wicked pair of long johns. Thanks Zellers for keeping me in stock.

Jean cut offs (2 sizes to big) and a Jim Morrison t-shirt layered over a checkered long sleeve OR a long black velvet dress, with said Jim Morrison t-shirt over top. Wow. Didn’t i get hot? I loved in the Canadian dessert after all!

The 2nd outfit was also attractive as hell. It consisted of whatever i could find at the thrift/rock store that was:

a) polyester

b) way too big

c) ugly as fuck (a lot of paisley here)

d) meant for an 80 year old man and

d) cheap.

Usually this meant brown pants that i had to cut and belt to fit and a disgusting button down shirt. Again, WOW.

Oh and don’t forget the brown and yellow wool sweater worn under my army jacket…you know, just to ugly it up a little more.

So i was the picture of pretty, how about you?

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  1. bonnie
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 16:33:56

    I remember best the polyester blue and green plaid jacket !! (with the ugly brown pants- that your own grandfather would not be caught dead in)
    I had to remind myself that you were an intelligent person under that ……… but I could always see your beauty !


  2. Jenn
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 21:02:28

    LOL. I love this post. I’m sending it to my mom cuz she will laugh:) We were prolly twins at the time. I loved my ‘old man pants’ – blue checkers and waist size 45 ( I was 120lbs). Sported with my maroon doc marten army boots and a blue paisley ployester button up shirt with a MASSIVE butterfly collar. Oh so girly. My mission was also ‘the uglier the better’. It was great coming out of the thift store on ‘bag sale day’ – as much as you could fit into a brown paper shopping bag for $5! I would come home with about 15 outfits. Rad. Maybe we should relive those days;)


  3. Melissa
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 12:36:20

    I was lovin’ the G – baggin’ attire. Coloured jeans 17 sizes too big, a baggy shirt, a punk belt buckle, and some black lip stick!


  4. vanchick
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 16:46:49

    OMG Mel i so cannot picture my summer sporty girl with black lipstick!!! Do you have any pics?!?


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