Eating Clean August – Day 6, 7, 8 – August 8th, 9th, and 10th

Combining 3 days into 1 because…i can.

Sunday was not a total write off but if i fell off the wagon on Saturday i was only climbing back up on Sunday.  There was a fantastical shake that included banana, strawberry, raw cocao, vanilla, and natural peanut butter and a yumtastic tofu scramble…but there was also fries with ketchup.  So yeah, i was holding on to the wagon but flailing and dragging my feet big time.

Monday was better.  It featured a shake (shock!), left over curry from dinner Sunday, and a BIG stirfry.  You may have heard of my BIG salads, well this is almost the same but sauteed.  Baby bok choy (and i don’t care…i just always have to sing that after saying baby bok choy), baby corn, asparagus, red, green, and yellow peppers, sprouts, broccoli, and tofu.  Lots of times when i make a BIG stirfry i don’t bother with a grain as it just seems like filler, so this was nothing but veggies seasoned with Braggs, nutritional yeast, and Spike.  SO good.

And then there was today…..a bounty of awesome good for me radness.  1st there was…A SHAKE…seriously, have to start making radder shakes….anyone have a recipe i can try?

Schweeeet and Schpiiiiicy!

And then it got good.  For lunch i had Raw Sweet and Spicy Stuffed Mushrooms as taught to me by the lovely and amazing Janice of Raw Foundation.  I marinated portabello mushrooms in Braggs and water over night and then topped with a concoction of avocado, chilli powder, cayenne, lemon, agave, and fresh tomato.  So much lovelier than the BBQ that was happening at my work that made the whole building smell super gross.  I am such a hippy.


And for dinner?!?!  VEGAN AND GLUTEN FREE PIZZA from The Wallflower! I ♥♥♥ this place and i SUPER ♥♥♥ the pizza that you can only get on Tuesday!  The crust is homeade and amazing (not the usual shit substitutes GF peeps have to deal with) topped with Daiya cheese, vegan “meat” options, and veggies.  SO YUM!  I shared the pizza so also had a spicy peanut wrap and Lightening Fries (vegan chilli fries).  And if that wasn’t enough super awesomeness they also have a gluten free beer at the Wallflower!

Look how sad my water was to be pushed aside for this awesome gluten free ale (can you call any beer an ale?!?).  Don’t know if it’s vegan but will find out.  I really hope it is (hopehopehope).  Oh, and we used a Groupon so we saved $20.  Because we are super smart and awesome like that.

So that was what i ate.  Now for the lesson you’ve been dying to learn:

WTF is Nutritional Yeast?!? And Why All You Crazy Vegan’s So Nutty For It?!?


Nutritional yeast is the deactivated form of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is called the “vegetarians’ proteins” as it is a rich source of protein while still containing a number of other nutrients. Nutritional yeast is grown on cane sugar and molasses. It is then harvested, washed, dried and sold either in the form of flakes or powder. The color of nutritional yeast may range from yellow to brown depending upon the manufacturer. The various nutritional yeast benefits have made this nutritional supplement a popular choice for many, specially amongst vegetarians.

Nutritional Yeast Benefits

With 18 amino acids, nutritional yeast is a complete protein. It is up to 55% high quality protein. In addition, it has 15 minerals in it. For vegetarians and those who are on a low cholesterol diet, nutritional yeast is a great substitute for meat, dairy products or other sources of proteins that are also rich in fats.

Other health benefits of nutritional yeast include:

  • It maintains ideal intestinal ecology.
  • It improves blood production.
  • It helps in maintaining optimum cholesterol levels.
  • It improves liver health and function.

Including Nutritional Yeast in Diet

Besides the health benefits of nutritional yeast flakes or powder, it is the nutty and cheese like flavor that also has a role to play in popularizing this supplement. It is favored by many as a cheese substitute. Here are some ways in which nutritional yeast can be included in the diet:

  • Use it as a topping for popcorn, instead of butter and salt.
  • Put in on your scrambled eggs <– nope, don’t do that, use it in your TOFU SCRAMBLE!  Much better!
  • Use nutritional yeast for it’s cheesy flavor in pizzas, pastas and casseroles. <– check out THIS awesome Mac and “Cheese” recipe!
  • Add to soup to give it a creamy taste without adding milk.
  • Use it with fried or mashed potatoes.
  • Can be used with gravies and sauces.
  • Mix it with vinegar and oil and use as salad dressing.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon with every 2 cups of vegetable mixture for burgers. <– veggie burgers 😉
  • Add 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast to each cup of flour while making baked foods.

And no, eating lots of nutritionl yeast does not cause yeast-y problems.  In case you were wondering.

There you have it….see you tomorrow…when i will be starting my day with…an omlette!  Just kidding.  A shake.


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