“Hey Adrienne, paint whatever you feel like!”

is what Josie and i said to Queen of Rad Pedi’s Adrienne from Polish’d a few weeks ago….

Yes, that is Josie with a skeleton in a witch hat and cobwebs and spiders.  And yes, that is Van Chick with a skeleton in a santa hat with mustaches on the rest of the piggies.  But wait!  Could it get more radifically random than that?!?

OK!  Staying with the Halloween/Random theme here we have a CANDY CORN VAMPIRE with a MUSTACHE!!!  Josie named him Pedro.  And to our right we have a BANANA with a MUSTACHE and MORE MUSTACHES!  The Banana is named Jacque.

Wow Adrienne, did anyone ever tell you YOU KICK SERIOUS ASS?  Well i just did and so i present you with…….




if you too want to have the bestest toes in the world/Van City check out Polish’d on Granville Yo.


DAIYA CHEESE! At Capers and Donalds!

Who needs a post with a title like that?!?! Well i should say something i guess….

As much as we ♥♥♥ Karmavore – (who are (is?!?) moving to a BIGGER location with a DELI!) I am excited to announce Daiya cheese is now available at locations in Van City!  If you are not in the know Daiya is a locally made dairy, soy, and gluten free vegan cheese.  If you’re thinking it must suck than think again.  1st of all IT MELTS and second, as a good friend of mine says “it’s actually pretty cheesy”  He’s a cheese eating dude in case that matters.  Not sure what sizes are available…perhaps my super star friends and Vegan Spotters Jenn and Josie can let us know in the comments.

Josie confirms a sighting of Daiya at the Commercial Dr location, no word on Hastings St.

Jenn spotted Daiya at Capers on Robson, no news from other Whole Food locations.

To celebrate here’s a kick ass CHEESY vegan recipe!  Whoot!

Vegan Baked Mac and Cheese with Daiya