The Thought Process Behind: Somewhat Tipsilly Putting a Screen Protector on My Phone, By Accident

Whilste cleaning the kitchen,  before the house cleaner comes.

“Where’s the Ikea bag closer thingee?”

“Junk drawer!”

“I should really put this screen protector on my phone, it’s been sitting in the junk drawer for ages and meanwhile my phone could get scratched!” <– i have been subconsciously trying to destroy my iPhone in the hopes of having to buy a new iPhone 4.  This has included dropping into a tiolet and onto pavement several times.

“Shoot, eek, that’s not right.  Fuck, shit, that’s not working”

“I should not be doing this after 1/2  bottle of wine”

“he he he” <– he he he!

“Goddamn it, the sticker that is supposed to help me affix this screen protector to the phone is stuck to the screen protector, that’s dumb”

“Didn’t i buy matte, not glossy?” <– this is the key…..

“Fuck it, i have another one, i bought two!”

“i am so smart!”

Here is where i throw the “glossy” screen protector with the sticker stuck to it away.

“Waaaaiiiiit aminute.  I’ll wait until tomorrow to do this, when i am not kind of tipsy!”

“i am so smart!”

“dumb de dumb” <– continuing to clean kitchen, you know, so the house cleaner doesn’t think (know) i suck at domesticity.  I then pick up phone to txt the boy when…..

“Waaaaiiiit aminute….there is now a screen protector on my phone….”


“What the???”

this is what comes up when you type "what the" into Google and click images. Seriously.

Here is where i deduce that while trying to affix the “glossy” cover that protects the actual screen protector I managed to actually affix said screen protector.

With me?

“i am so smart!”

….and i wish i could draw as rad as Allie so you could have had a visual.  Sigh.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jenn
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 16:40:53

    I love you.
    THIS is the Robyn I know.
    This is why I love Robyn.


  2. vanchick
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 16:45:02

    lol, love you too Jenny Foo!


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