UPDATED Gotsta Love Me Some Globes! Only 3 days left!

I love movies.  I love how they make me think, laugh, fall in love with the characters.  I love it when films twist and turn in ways that make me say “how did the author think that up?!?!”.  Every year the best films of the past 12 months are celebrated by way of the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes and every year i try to watch every movie nominated for an Oscar in a major category.  Once the GG’s winners are picked i madly start the race which keeps me at home and in movie theaters for most of January and February.  This year a trip to India puts me at a slight handicap but i still have high hopes!  I will even attempt to watch more foreign and docs than ever before….ready set go!

Update:  Found a website that lists Entertainment Weekly’s Top 25 Movies to See Before the Oscars.  So far i’ve seen 12 with plans to see at least 4 more before the Globes on Sunday.


Golden Globe Nominees
I have bolded the films i have seen and will pick a winner once i have seen them all.

Black Swan
The Fighter
The King’s Speech
The Social Network
Wow, kicking ass here!  So far my vote goes to Black Swan.  The Fighter was good but lost me near the end whereas Black Swan simply MESMERIZED me from start to finish.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.  Inception was interesting and well done but was by no means best film.  The Social Network was also good except for the crazy score by Trent Reznor which didn’t make any kind of sense….

OK, The Kings Speech was AMAZING and deserves it’s own page…..CLICK! Also it get’s my vote for best picture.  Lucky it.

Halle Berry, Frankie and Alice
Nicole Kidman, Rabbit Hole
Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone
Natalie Portman, Black Swan
Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine
Of course Nicole was excellent, she always is…but i’m sorry, i am so not a fan of “after the tragedy” movies.  Wow, this category is full of laughs.  Just saw Winter’s Bone, about a teenager who looks after her catatonic mother and 2 small siblings….while looking for her crack cooking father amongst inbred rednecks in the Ozarks.  Yup, depressing as fuck.  Not sure what i thought yet but it is true Jennifer Lawrence was superb.

Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network
Colin Firth, The King’s Speech
James Franco, 127 Hours
Ryan Gosling, Blue Valentine
Mark Wahlberg, The Fighter
Ok, maybe i am way off base but all through The Fighter i kept thinking….can Mark W really act???  Really?  Are we all going to wake up one day and say WTF were we thinking?

Ok, wow.  WOW, Colin Firth was outstanding.  Simply breathtaking.  My vote goes to Marky Mark.  Juuuuuust kidding.

James Franco did a marvelous job, in a movie that was about 10 times less boring than Barney’s Version and it was literally, about nothing….

And the winner is ….. Colin Firth!  We’ll see if the GG’s agree….

Alice in Wonderland
The Kids Are All Right
The Tourist
Burlesque?  Really?  Ok, I secretly wanted to see it and now i have to!  Thanks Golden Globes! – Just saw Burlesque and i really liked it!  Although totally cliche and the first scene is a groaner it develops into a touching, funny, well written movie with a ton of talent.  The dancing, while not Burlesque in it’s truest sense was less Pussy Cat Dolls “Burlesque” than i thought it would be.  There was a fan dance after all. Cher was fantabulous, of course.  She was funny and warm and although a tad on the odd looking side Ange and i decided she is Cher after all, she can look a but odd and still look amazing. Oh, and the scene with Cam Gigandet in his jammies was worth the price of admission.

The Tourist…..BIT OF A SPOILER…….are we not supposed to get “the twist” in the first few minutes!?!?  Other than that…i fell asleep.

RED: Well, i LOVE John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman and it was fun (for awhile) to watch those 2 plus Helen Mirrin (who has a rocking beach bod BTW…Big Ups HM!) kick ass as retired CIA agents the premise was not enough to carry an entire movie.  The action sequences were lacking and the plot had too many holes.  Oh well.

So my pick is……Alice in Wonderland i suppose, although that last Johnny Depp scene nearly ruined it for me.


Annette Benning, The Kids Are All Right
Anne Hathaway, Love and Other Drugs
Angelina Jolie, The Tourist
Julianne Moore, The Kids Are All Right
Emma Stone, Easy A
So far my vote goes to Annette Benning….I think…or Emma Stone.  She’s radical and makes me feel like i have a pocket full of sunshine.

Johnny Depp, Alice in Wonderland
Johnny Depp, The Tourist
Paul Giamatti — Barney’s Version
Jake Gyllenhaal, Love and Other Drugs
Kevin Spacey — Casino Jack

I’m reserving judgment until i see Casino Jack and Barney’s Version.  I just cannot get this **possible Alice in Wonderland Spoiler** out of my head!

Ok, i’ve seen em all….and I think it’s Kevin Spacey for me!

Amy Adams, The Fighter
Helena Bonham-Carter, The King’s Speech
Mila Kunis, Black Swan
Melissa Leo, The Fighter
Jackie Weaver, Animal Kingdom
Mila Kunis should not have been nominated, in my opinion.  But enough of the hating, i think i’m voting Amy so far.  She has watery looking eyes which makes you really believe what she is saying, do you know what i mean?  Am a a nutter?  Whatever, I will probably change to Helena once i see The Kings Speech anyway.  Yup.  Helena ruled.  Literally, as the Queen Mum and wife of a struggling King.  Also who knew that one of the hottest  new ‘Do’s of the year originated with a 20’s Dutchess?

Christian Bale, The Fighter
Michael Douglas, Wall Street 2
Andrew Garfield, The Social Network
Jeremey Renner, The Town
Geoffrey Rush, The King’s Speech
Holy fuck Christian Bale was awesome.  AWESOME.  Ok, so was Geoffrey, playing the bromantic love interest to a king.  In my opinion Geoffrey should be nominated alongside Colin Firth as best actor but my vote on this one still goes to Christian.

Biutiful (Mexico & Spain)
The Concert (France)
I Am Love (Italy)
In A Better World (Denmark)

Despicable Me
How to Train Your Dragon
The Illusionist
Toy Story 3
Yup, TS3 was pretty cute.  Of course, i fell asleep in the big action sequence but other than that i thoroughly enjoyed it.  Although, as every kid i have spoken with this year knows…I LOVED CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS!  WHY WASN’T IT NOMINATED!!?!? Wait, was that 2009?

Sunday is the big day!  Who will win??!?!  What will they wear?!?!  Oh so exciting! Ima dork!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stephen
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 18:13:21

    I started doing the same but didn’t manage to see The Fighter or The King’s Speech yet so really can’t make informed decisions on most of the categories… Hopefully I’ll be caught up by the time the Oscars roll around.

    However Black Swan really blew me away. It’s going to be hard to top that. Much as I thought Jennifer Lawrence was great in Winter’s Bone (and I agree with your assessment of NK in Rabbit Hole), Natalie Portman was captivating in Black Swan and transported me with that performance. Mesmerizing is a good choice of words… As an aside, I thought the score was one of the best things about The Social Network. Go figure. I thought it was a good film but not really award material though.

    I can’t really comment on Best Actor (drama) since I’ve only seen two of the films.

    I thought Alice in Wonderland was a pretty but bland film and didn’t really find JD performance to be standout at all. I guess out of the very slim pickings in Best Picture (C or M) I’d pick The Kids Are All Right… but really, if the they were a hetero family would the film have been of any interest whatsoever? Great performances throughout but the story was kind of lacking. Interestingly, for me it was Julianne Moore (and especially her facial expressions) that made the film for me so I’d pick her for Best Actress (C or M). Didn’t, and likely won’t, see Burlesque.

    Have to say Emma Stone in Easy A really surprised me and I liked that film way more than I expected to. I could easily be swayed to voting for her over Julianne Moore for Best Actress (C or M). Wait did I just pick two winners? I guess I’d have to give it ES on the basis that both performances were central to their films and Easy A was surprisingly more thought provoking than The Kids (despite some terrible performances in the supporting cast).

    Best Actor – I didn’t care for either Johnny Depp film (and usually I’m a fan) and didn’t really like Casino Jack all that much either. So I have to hope one of the two films I’ve not seen has a performance worthy of mention. I haven’t seen enough of the films to properly vote on either supporting category but did think Mila Kunis was phenomenal…

    Haven’t seen any of the foreign film nominees either.

    Out of the three animated film nominees I’ve seen (TS3, Despicable Me, How to Train…) I’d have to pick “How to Train…”. I had some minor issues with the portrayal of gender roles in the film but all in all it was a well crafted story with really great visuals that I could see kids and adults having something to take away from the film. TS3 was fun but didn’t grab me as much as the original Toy Story (or especially Monster Inc.). And yes, Cloudy was 2009 – it was nominated last year for an Oscar I believe).

    Wow. Long comment. Reminds me that I need to update my own blog with some recent film reviews… See ya.


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