Fuck Yeah! It’s My Birthday!

If you know me you know i love my birthday.  i LOVE my birthday.  No, seriously, it’s insane.  i LOVE my birthday the way sane people love puppies or their children.

This nutty love affair starts as a gentle hum in January, pretty much after the hubub of JC’s Birthday…..

and the Current Years Birthday have passed.  This gentle hum gets louder and louder until the beginning of March when i am beside myself with happiness that it is ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY!!!!  In fact, these are the exact words i exclaim, over and over, to and at my friends, family and coworkers for the next 4 weeks.  The only time when this outward display of giddiness over….myself…..seems inappropriate is on other people’s birthdays.

So why do i get so excited over my birthday?  Is it the fact that i ditch work for a spa day?  That i have pie and boozy coffee for breakfast?  That there is always a party where i get to see most of my besties?  Well the last one is the closest.  A few years ago i had my birthday at a restaurant were food and cheer overflowed and i was overcome with love …not just for myself….but for the people who make my life so worth celebrating.  That’s what it is, why i love my birthday so much.  i love my life and the reasons i love my life are the people i share it with.

Would i enjoy or even do half of the things i enjoy and do without my friends and family?  Burlesque fest without several pairs of boobs to stick a carrot in?  Fringe without Frunks?  India without Car 3?  Skid night without my skids?  LMFAO without…..LMFAO?  Giggling without my girls?  And obviously cuddling and sex have been a wee bit better this year 😉

There have been so many fanfuckingtastic moments this year that i can’t even begin to remember them all now….but over the years memories and jokes and moments will remind me, and us of the life we have led together.  Jumping (and farting) on beds in Seattle, Hornby Island…the good and the cookie, Say Wha??!?, “Hey Hey Ho Ho Factory Farmings Gots to Go!”, LA Zombie?!?  The killer tire was better, “Here’s to honor”, Drunksgiving!  Weddings and baby showers.  Birthdays and brunches.  Dinners and drinks.  Plays and concerts, Canucks games and comedy shows.  Pedicures.

Thank you to everyone who have shared April 1st 2010 – March 31st 2011 and all of my 31 years with me.  It’s because of how rad all of you are that i’m so stoked…


Here is where i wanted to insert a photo of me cheerzing you but i don’t have a good one!  Don’t get me wrong…there are plenty of photos of me with booze…but i’m either drinking it or have just spilled it on myself…..oh well, i’ll just have to say it.

Cheers!  I Loves you!


feel free to remind me of rad times in the comments…remember, i’m writing this on several ounces of kahlua and coffee flavored tequila….with only pie (did i mention 2 kinds?) to soak it up…yup, it’s 11:51am and i’m a wee bit tipsy!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jenn
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 20:27:54

    Fuck yeah it IS your birthday!!!!
    I am so excited you blogged!!! Especially about something as important as your birthday:)
    I can hardly count all of the awesome times that we have shared…..there are so many.
    Ringworm in Mexico, OD’s on ingestible/smokables, singledom, veganism, road pops, running in the rain at 3am, injections at various locations, the Bye n Bye patio, to smoke or not to smoke!
    I could go on and on.
    To one of my besties, I wish all the bestest.


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