You Are Very Star – an Electric Company Theater production, which you’ll have to wait to see…..

When David Jordan* implores you via a Facebook status to see a show, you click the link.  When the ticket buying process asks “Are you are alone?” and then guides you through a series of seemingly random choices that will determine what show you will see, you show up.  Especially if the show is at the HR MacMillan Space Center.  So, last Friday, we ate a yumtastic dinner at the Wallflower and then tripped on over to the Space Center for an experience we were unsure of but totally ready to submit to.

First, we were checked in, given a map, and told to speak with Kai.  We then lingered in the lobby, noticing random clues that we surmised may or may not be linked to our future experience, as well as the poster for the Laser Floyd show, which we figured we could see if this one was a dud.**

Second, we met Kai.  Dressed in scrubs with a Flock of Seagulls hairdo, Kai explained that we were part of a beta test of the show, that  we would start in the Star Theater, and that we were to follow her for the rest of the night.

And what a rest of the night it was.  Jason and I held hands as we were led into the theater, as we gazed up at the dome, and as we took our journey through the Space Center, and through the mind of Mae.

To make a twisty story straight, and so not to give it away when you go, we followed the main character though one of three paths, which were revealed to be part of her dream.

Our path followed her as a child; ordeals with classmates, caring for and fearing for her ailing mother, a funny but lacking baby sitter, a great idea for getting kids into their PJ’s and a science rocket.

As we followed Kai and the character Mae, we became twisted and intertwined with the other two paths, they becoming characters in our stories and I assume, we becoming characters in theirs.

At the end of it all we met a cowboy, a musician, two lovers, and a mother who tied it all up….or not, as it was a dream sequence after all.

Did I understand it all?  No, not by any means.  But it made me wonder, and think, and reflect, and imagine.  Even thought it was the beta test and there were some technical hitches, I loved the show.  It was sad at times, funny at others.  It was poinant and poetic and, at the center of everything that didn’t make sense, there was Mae, and the site, which tied everything together.

As I slow danced with David Jordan tonite (It’s already Fringe lottery time, we drew the lucky shows tonite and there was slow dancing) and we decided that, mostly, we had no idea what had happened exactly at the HR McMillan Space Center that night – but that once the show went live we’d be back, and we’d Facebook implore others to attend.***

*Executive Director of the Fringe!

**It wasn’t.

***Stay tuned, once dates come available i’ll let you know!  Maybe our experience paths will cross 🙂



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