And i thought people who wore snuggies didn’t have sex…..

At least i’m still right about gay people not owning snuggies nor having sex in them.  Phew.

**Brought to you by lame posts that attempt to make Jenn and Ange happy.  Sorry to the other 2 people who read this blog.


Squeeky Jandals at the Farmers Market

Jandals are what crazy New Zealanders call flip flops.  And squeeky is what my jandals got when i walked to the West End Farmers Market today in the rain.  It was TOTALLY worth it though as not only did i get some nummy fresh, local, organic fruits and veg i also got:

A dairy free latte from the Bean Buggy.  These guys rule because not only do they have a dairy alternative…they have 3!

Not sure if you can see this but Bean Buggy carries unsweetened almond milk, rice milk, and soy milk.  Wow.  They should talk to the stupid effing Flamingo hotel in Vegas who don’t even carry any soy milk (the Venetian does :)) Also their hazelnut flavor is sugar free.  Whoot.

Banana loaf and a lemon cookie that were vegan, gluten free, and sugar free.  Everyone except me is like…dude, that is sick.  But it wasn’t sick!  At all!!!  It was yummy and good for me.  So eff off and try one for yourself, edible flours delivers!  For being so rad edible flours has taken the title in the category of KICK ASS!

And last but not least i got Earthlings the movie.  Narrated by Joaquin Pheonix while we was still a hottie.  I have never seen this film, have wanted to, and was able to help out Liberation BC by buying a copy from their booth at the market.  So that was nice.  of me.

Now if only i could have also taken home a BF.  A hot, rad, earth loving, tattoo’d, hottie who also is vegan and shops at the farmers market.  Le sigh….perhaps next week!

Best Day ~ Facials, Food, and Freebies!

Sometimes your friends need help moving, or want you to psycho cat sit…and sometimes they need your help for their spa technician final exam.  That’s the worst.  When you have to miss work to go get a free facial, body wrap, and hour massage.  Gosh Dang It!

To make myself feel better after doing such a huge favor i treated myself to Nuba.  Mmmmmm Nuba.  How the eff did i leave it off my list of fave vegan(friendly) places in Van?!?  Well it is on there now!  Full from Nuba greatness i am now going to watch last nights episode of So You Think You Can Dance and perhaps have a nap.

Can’t fall asleep for too long however as i won screener passes to Dinner for Schmucks tonite!  Woo hoo for free movies starring Paul Rudd ♥♥

Anyway, that’s my best day, thanks life!

Asparagus in Underpants!

Everyone should have lots and lots of art in their home.  this is not an opinion, it is a fact.  also a fact; people with no art in their homes are boring and have less sex than those who do.  there’s no need to link to any studies because i am sure you agree that this must be true.  Anyway…..

I ♥ these prints i found in the myzoetrope store on VeganEtsy.  Yup, there’s a vegan Etsy….i am in trouble.

Big Ups and Mad Props! My Favorite Vegan(friendly) Restaurants in Van (and 1 in Portland)

*Update: July 29th 2010*

Ok, so there aren’t really that many totally vegan places in Van but there are many great options that are vegan friendly.  Much better than being vegan unfriendly.

Nuba – authentic Lebanese cuisine. Nuba has a flavorizer in the kitchen.  This is a top secret device that takes already nummy food and kicks it up 10 notches.  It looks similar to The Machine from The Princess Bride but inflicts yummy instead of pain.  I made that up but how else can they create such insanely flavorful morsels of delight!??!  I have loved everything i have ever had but i especially dig the Najib’s Special (crispy cauliflower tossed with lemon and sea salt) and i have finally started pronouncing it properly, NaJib with a hard J.  To make Nuba even awesomer they have updated their menu.  Instead of noting the vegan dishes they state that everything is vegan unless noted with an M for meat or a V for vegetarian.  Love that!  Also love the hottie cook i noticed in the kitchen today.

The Wallflower Modern Diner.  So far i have had the Portobello Burger, the Tofu Peanut Wrap, the Vegan-Gluten Free Pizza and bites of the Mac and Cheesy.  Mmmmm…….everything has been super-duper delish!  The Tofu Peanut Wrap is saucy and flavorful and filling and the Vegan-Gluten Free Pizza is AMAZING!  They make their own crust which has to be fresh and so the pizza is only available on Tuesday’s but it is worth the wait.  Light, tasty, not crumbly crust topped with your choice of veg and fake meat and of course, ooey gooey Daiya cheese to top it all off.  My non vegan, gluten eating friend said “this is sick you loser” JUST KIDDING!  She loved it and said she would def** be back for more.  Also the drinks are cool and fresh and creative, and the staff is friendly, fun, and well dressed.  Thanks Wallflower!  Also thanks for calling yourself a Modern Diner (which you are) instead of an Urban Diner.  Much less douchey.

Grub.  As with the Wallflower Grub has an option for everyone.  Like to eat duck?  there’s an entree for you!  Like to eat lamb?  Come on in!  Like to leave cute animals in the wild and off your plate?  You kick ass and can eat at Grub too!  Not only does Grub serve up the cruelty free gourmet they also have a drinks menu that includes punch.  In a punch bowl.  With little punch cups.  And a ladle.  Seriously!  It’s just too rad to describe, you’ll have to go check it out for yourself.

Planet Veg. Today was my first time and i will be going back for more fo sho.  Tomorrow maybe.  Awesome Indian vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.  I had the Bombay roll which was so great i went back on my way home to pick up some pakoras to go.  I am always amazed by restaurants that seem to have a magic flavor machine in back and wish i could come close to making my food taste the way they do.  Alas, that’s what going out to eat is all about i spose.  That and pretending you have slaves for an hour or so.

**October 6th:  WTF?!?  Why would i want to pretend i have slaves?!?  i meant servants.  Happy servants who are paid well and love serving.  They may or may not be unicorns.

Organic Lives. Totally vegan and raw gourmet restaurant and store.  If you like the idea of raw but don’t know if it can be effing amazing then check in here and check your head.  You will be blown away by what someone who knows their shit can do without cooking.  I recommend the lasagna and the pizza.  All i can say is WOWZERS.

Radha. Vegan gourmet.  When i am in here i don’t know what to do with myself and i order 4 or 5 things…having options as a vegan is overwhelming as it does not happen often.  Also it’s not as hippy dippy as it sounds.

Banditas Taqueria.  THE BEST VEGETARIAN BREAKFAST IN THE CITY!  Totally vegetarian with lots of vegan options – they carry non dairy milk, cheese, and sour creme!  Also the peeps is coooool.  You either know what i mean or you will when you go.  I seem to recall that i once went when it wasn’t breakfast and the food was great.  Oh, and one of the hottest boy spottings of my career (yes, my career as a hot boy spotter) was here.

The Naam.  But of course.  What would a veg in Van post be without a shout out to the Naam.  It is good.  And wholesome.  And yes, the fake looking grapes on the rafters outside are real.

And the one in Portland?  The Bye and Bye of course!  AN ALL VEGAN PUB!  PUB!!!  With “meat”ball subs, and grilled “cheese” and hot boys who work there and hot boys and girls who eat there and drinks in mason jars and an outside patio where you sit with strangers on picnic tables…..Breathe…And they let you smoke at the picnic tables which last year was rad but this year will be sad.  Oh well.  They have VEGAN CHILLI DOGS!  Oh my.

Did i miss a kick ass awesome vegan place in Van you love?!?  Let me know yo.

**it is A-OK to not spell a whole word because it takes away from your creative flow (read: lazy) on your blog.  It is A-NOT OK to not spell a whole word in order to cheat at Scrabble.  Thought you should know.

The hotties of the Bye and Bye.  Told you so.  Anyone up for a road trip?!?

Why Today is Wicked Awesome…..

1. I am on day #3 of being free from smoking!  Had a follow up laser treatment and it’s really helping.  Although i don’t feel like dancing in the street i also don’t feel like ripping anyone’s face off.  I’d say i am in a pretty tolerable middle ground.

2. I love my city!  How the eff have Maude and i lived downtown for years without riding over the Burrard St bridge?!?!?  Today was the day and it was lovely.  Rode over, grabbed a bite to go at Planet Veg (how the eff have i been vegan for a year and 8 months and not eaten there?!?!) and then carried on to Kits beach to sit and eat and read in the sunshine.  As i said, lovely.

3. The weather is **skip to the next one if you are Josie** perfect.  After a seriously shitty start the summer is shaping up nicely (and so are my alliteration skills).  Here’s to hoping it extends late into September because OMG it’s ALMOST AUGUST!!  Wow.

4. I got a kickin deal from Rogers.  After an hour on the phone, threatening to cancel and go to Wind i came away with a super deal on my plan.  It’s still way to much money but at least i am saving a bit…..thanks Kyle of customer relations!

5.  A Complicated Kindness by Canadian Miriam Toews (us canadians should know how to pronounce that after the Olympics). That’s the book i am reading and it is radtastic.  If you are a fan of kind of dark and twisty, unconventional literature i highly recommend this book (as well as The Flying Troutmans by the same author).  I would say that if you dig Chuck Palahniuk, or Nick Hornby, or Christopher Moore or Kurt Vonnegut you would also dig Miriam Toews.  If you dig all of those authors you are the official winner of this weeks KICK ASS award! Congratulations!!  I’d like to link to all of the authors above but i am too lazy.  Please copy and paste into Amazon or the like.

Things that made me go hmm….

Everything is a balance and for the 5 things that were rad today there were 2 that made me say wuh?

1. High waisted jean shorts.  Saw some at Kits beach.  Barf.  There are many reasons they went away and camel toe was only one of them.

2. There was a guy in Planet Veg wearing a T-Shirt ordering a yogurt cone.  Not to be a dick but supporting the dairy industry does not result in a zero footprint.  Of course, no one is perfect, and we can only do what we can do, and anything we do is better than doing nothing at all…..

I just think it would be like if i was wearing my Jesus I’m Drunk shirt at a straight edge satanist conference.  That’s all.

I’d Like to Thank….

My main man JC and the City of Van for planning a massive fireworks display to celebrate my Freedom Day (that’s what my laser acupuncturist calls quit smoking day and i dig it).

However….sigh….i didn’t want to go outside for fear of being inundated with “gross” (what i repeat in my head when i come across smokers smoking) and so tried to watch from my balcony.  Bah.  It’s just not the same when you cannot see the barge. Also i fear i  have become a grumpy old West Ender who just bitches about the crowds instead of marveling at the awesomeness of the fire on the sky.  I really hope not, i much prefer to marvel than to bitch.

That being said I did make banana soft serve ice cream which was fantastic.  It’s NOTHING BUT BANANA!  I’ll post on how to make it later and get a better pic….dammit, i’m going to be late for work!


so this is the shittiest pic ever but i didn’t realize that and ate the ice cream.  Ah boo.

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