Clean, and Raw, and busy

My apartment is still pretty clean!  I have been putting my shoes and coats in the  …*gasp* … closet every night, did all the dishes in my sink this morning (granted it was all coffee cups and lunch containers), and do not have a growing pile of shit by my door (where i tend to just leave everything i carry into the house each night).  I am awesome.  Really i haven’t been home that much which helps, but also i am awesome.  don’t argue with me.  So far it’s been a busy week and the rest of the week is shaping up to be just as busy.

Monday: I won an award!  I volunteer for the Vancouver International Fringe Festival every year, in many capacities (fund-raising, strategic planning, and then at the actual fest).  This year at the AGM they presented me with the Volunteer “Lifer” Award, which is fitting as i plan on being as involved as possible for ever and ever.  I’ll write more on the Fringe as it nears (September), if you are interested in learning more, volunteering, or donating (muther effing budget cuts are effecting us immensely) you can visit  Anyway, the most important part of this story is i won a bottle of wine.  nice!

Tuesday: Josie invited me to a raw food seminar on the Drive and it was amazing!  It was held at Health on the Drive, hosted by Raw Foundation and led by Janice Skoreyko.  First Janice was phenomenal.  Bubbly and fun and full of knowlege but did not push anything on us.  She reminded us that every body is different, that she wanted us to be “smart-foodists” and that this was our discussion.  She presented some facts on how we use food, what she has learned in 5 years of eating raw and studying in many countries with many people.  We talked about the effect of the SAD (standard American diet) on our bodies and our environment, and that it’s never too late to repair our bodies.  She then made these KICK ASS awesome energy bars that took 5 minutes and tasted even better than my fave Lemon Luna bar.  After more discussion where Janice gave us some facts and commented on studies done all over the world (i’ll get into more details later for anyone who’s interested). And then she made a zucchini pasta with basil and tomato sauce which was to die for!  First of all, making pasta out of veggies using the Spirooli Slicer blew my mind and i am sooooo getting one.  Second, the sauce had the best flavor i think i may have ever tasted in a marinara…no cooking!  Beaut!  Anyway, i am totally hopped up on raw food (no, i will not be going 100% raw anytime soon) so look for more to come.

Wednesday: I plan on humping my way over this weeks hill, that or working and then getting my hair did.

Thursday: Nothing!  Hooray!

Friday: The Thick of It (awesome band some of my friends play in) are at the Bourbon.  Plan on getting crazy, cuz that’s what is bound to happen. Whoot!

Oh fuck, it’s way past time my hair should be done….catch you all on the flip side.


Monday Madness – it’s challenge time!

Starting this Monday, every Monday i will be challenging myself to something.  This week it’s keeping my apartment clean.  You’d think that with only me and such a small space it wouldn’t be hard but it’s the exact opposite.  Since there’s no one else around i can just throw shit around and leave shit lying around and there’s no one to complain.  I should get a monkey.  For A I would feel bad about messing up the joint if i had a monkey roomate and B i’m pretty sure i could train him to tidy up anyway so….OH!  And he could reach high things!!  Ok, i am so totally getting a monkey.  Or maybe i should just pause here and get a coffee since it’s ready.  Hang on.  Ok, i’ve had some coffee and some time to reflect, and of couse…..i want a monkey!  But for now we’ll concentrate on keeping the pad clean.

I like these little guys but i don’t think they’d get much housework done.  They could be handy   little pick pockets tho….