So You Think You Can Dance: 1 of 11 Voted Off

I have NEVER been more grateful to my PVR…EVER.  Yup, i’m talking about having the ability to fast forward through the Justin Beiber video.  Thank god for that. The other entertainment was pretty good.  i also skipped Usher.  i like the song, but i have raw, vegan 1 bite brownies to make tonite so i just didn’t have the time time t0 spare!  The Twyla Tharp dance was pretty awesome, i love seeing really mature professional dancers.  I have to admit though that lots of the contestants this year stack up pretty close!  Oh and Cat’s dress made me crave butterscotch….mmmmm, blingy, blond butterscotch……

Ok onto the results.  Alexie, Melinda, and Christina in the bottom 3.  Makes sense, they all under performed.  Melinda because she’s cold as ice (as Nigel commented, a tad more nice that me), Alexie because she was nothing but cute, and Christina because SHE’S NOT THAT GOOD!  Sheesh.  Anyway, i was hoping Christina would be gone, shocker i know.  Alexie has wanted this so bad and it was her first show, i wanted her to have another chance.  Melinda could stay or go, but i think she at least has more talent than Christina, even if she does have horrible legs (agreed with Mia upon replay).  But no, Alexie is gone…in my opinion because there are other contemporary girls but no other tapper or ball room.  Erg, i hate that.  But i still love the show, they just better not play any Jonas Brothers on an upcoming episode.  Seriously.

Bye bye Alexie, good luck hocking your cute ass elsewhere, i’m sure you’ll have plenty of buyers.


So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 11 Perform

A few things first.  Cat, once again, is amazing and i want to marry her.  Mia; if she is now a full time judge will there be less of her choreography?  Did she wasn’t to be a judge and that’s what last years drama was all about?  Also her hair is still radical.

On to the dances.

Billy.  Blah.  I am so underwhelmed by this guy and his first dance did nothing to change my mind.  I have nothing more to say.  Except good luck in your career as a spokesperson for Proactive.

Christina. She’s my least favorite girl because i just don’t think she’s that great outside of her own style and i only think she’s there to represent ballroom.  i was however excited to see her and Mark do a Sonya routine.  I wonder if Sonya got to pick Mark?  i imagine them as lovers, spending their days dancing and bouncing on beds and having hot sex.  And yes Mark killed it.  Christina though kind of ruined it for me.  She was too stiff and her face was retarded.  Nigel is on crack.  Mia is on crack (oh wait she mentioned the retarded face), and good for Mia and Nigel…they are sharing the crack with Adam.

Jose: Sometimes i really feel like this show is rigged. Don’t get me wrong, nothing could stop my love for the show…but Jose with Comfort, choreographed by Nap and Tabs?!?  Something’s fishy.  Ok, i don’t care….that was rad!  Jose is the bomb!   I love how Nigel always points out that B-Boying is not the same as hip hop to give some props.  The only thing i thought they would say but didn’t was how he was a great partner as Comfort had no fear when leaping at him.  Those leaps where the chick smashes into the guy and he catches her are one of my fave things about this show.  And Cat.

Adachike: Paired with my favorite from last year Katherine.  Dancing to a Travis routine.  Stoked…..and waiting for one of the judges to say how proud they are of Travis.  When it started i was extra stoked because of the music, Florence i love you!  But….no chemistry and no feeling from Adachike.  Nigel has come down from the crack which is good.  Mia also nailed it, no chemistry even though Katherine was making it work big time.  And Adam has also come down.  Phew.  Don’t pick up the pipe again judges.  And….what a difference Ada(chike) does not make. uh huh huh huh.

Melinda: I don’t know how i feel yet about this chick.  Let’s see what happens with Abs McGee.  Well, he was awesome, of course.  She was not.  Ehhh, i did not like that at all.  At least she has her career in everything else to fall back on.  Oh, and she didn’t get Cat’s joke while she was sucking up.  Hmm….she falls below Christina now for me.

Alex: Two Sonya routines in one night?!?!  Yippee Skippy!  Standing ovation!?!  Really?  I guess i was distracted by the god awful outfits.  Ok, what?  New standard for SYTYCD?  By the miracle of the PVR i need to rewind and re-watch.  Hang on.  Ok, this time i was distracted by the all star who i don’t remember’s mouth hanging open the whole time but yes that was pretty great.  And Alex was awesome.  I didn’t love it as much as some of my other faves from previous years but it was pretty damn rad.

Alexie: How cute are you?!?!  How awesome (and hot) is Twitch?!?!  How could there be no chemistry??!?!  And yup, the judges are right, Alexie was too cute and didn’t get drrrrrty enough.  On another note i have been thinking of rocking some fake glasses and Twitch has inspired me 😉

Lauren: My fave all through Vegas, she reminds me of Katherine from last year.  She’s hugely talented but also has the personality to match.  Ok….DID YOU SEE THAT KICK JUMP OFF THE COUCH?!?!?  WOW!  Oh sorry Nigel, it was a split lift.  Anyway, i also agree that it was meh.  I am concerned that being with the all stars is going to a) ruin the chemistry that i love to see develop between dance partners and b) make the dancers way to nervous to fill in those spaces that everyone is talking about.  Hmm.

Kent: IS ADORABLE!  Oh my gosh.  Here’s my critique, after he already critiqued himself.  His steps were ok but he wasn’t strong enough as a man or a partner. What he did do however is what the judges have wanted in the last few people, he filled in the spaces!  AHH..why aren’t they replaying the Jessica Rabbit move they are all saying was so bad?!!?  Rewind….hmmm…i didn’t see it, or i guess i didn’t think it was that bad.  This dance made me miss Mary 😦

Ashley: Oh yeah, i forgot about you.  Oh no, here we go….paired with the Amazing Neil (who is looking a little more grown up and hotter than last we saw him) for contemporary….should be good.  Well, i’m sorry she was ok but she totally bores me.  I would have liked to have seen that with Lauren.

Last but not least Robert: Something America may not know about me is that i am even on this show.  He was totally ignored in Vegas, i think so they could pull off the surprise “top 11” revelation.  i’m excited to see what he can do.  Because he’s a hottie.  Wow, that was really cool, i really like African jazz.  Let’s see what the judges have to say.  Ok, how cute was that thing between Mia and Robert.  Yup, agreed. lol <– this makes no sense as i read it back.  but i’m not changing it.  so there.

Ok, so here we are, top 11.  I’m not going to predict as i suck as predictions, i have lost every pool i have ever entered.  And i don’t yet know my faves.  What i do know is that i love Cat, wasn’t sure if you knew that.

SYTYCD Season 7: Get To Know the Top 11

SYTYCD tonite kicked ass and i am so stoked it is back.

Reason’s why SYTYCD season 7 rules:

1. Cat Deeley.   I have a monster crush on this woman for so many reasons.  She is hot, wears rad outfits 99% of the time, and is just so cute and real and cool.  I LOVE that she finally said judges in her ridiculously adorable accent!

2. Mia is back.  Mia Micheals is just the epitome of super hero choreographer and judge, and her rad hair was the inspiration for when i went short and blond.  Which while not my best look ever was still super fun times.

3. The All-Stars.  Some of my fave’s are back, and so are Pasha’s abs.

4. The Top 11.  Wow, what a fantastical bunch of madly talented and charismatic kids!  I love them all this season and don’t know how to vote.  Or pretend to vote as i only ever yell at my TV, i never actually pick up my phone. Early prediction: Lauren will take it all.

5. The miracle of acne treatments + makeup.  Two of the contestants, Billy Bell and Jose had “before Proactive saved me” type faces during auditions and Vegas week and now miraculously they have faces clear as….well….a bell.  Lame, i know.

6. The DANCING!  What a great opening show!  From the first dance, choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson, to the last dance, which i cannot remember because i drank some wine, i was in awe.  And i learned some new moves for the next time i preform an impromptu contemporary piece for the unsuspecting travelers at an airport gate of a very delayed flight**

**if anyone has suggestions on how i should have punctuated that sentence feel free to let me know in the comments.