Vegan MoFo Mo Fo’s!

Ok all you radical Mo Fo’s, it’s not just Movember, it’s also VEGAN MONTH OF FOOD!  Otherwise known as Vegan MoFo!

I feel bad for not posting anything about this until now, so to make me feel better please make yourself a vegan dish tonight.  Or tomorrow night.  I promise you won’t be sad like me, you’ll be happy, like double rainbow guy!  Ok, maybe not that happy.  And yes, i am obsessed.  How could i not be?

To get you started on making me (and you!) happy, here are some of my most favoritist of all time vegan (and sometimes gluten friendly) dishes!  Enjoy!

Vegan Mac and “Cheese”! Yup, i make this at least once a week, seriously.  I have tried other recipes but this one is the best, hands down (or up!  Big Ups!).  Thanks Chelsea of Flavorvegan!  I know if you are a vegetarian or an omnivore you will be all, WTF?!?  I’m not eating that!  But i beg of you, give it a go!  Although not the same as traditional mac and cheese (my mom makes the best) this is good stuff.  I promise.

Vegan Veggie Lasagna!  Mmmmm!  I love this lasagna and would eat it every day if i could.  Use rice noodles to make it GF and add Daiya for some oooohey goooooheyness!

No Roll Enchiladas!  I seriously love me some mexican food!  Especially from La Taqueria or Banditas but if i am cooking at home this is a go to recipe fo sho.

The Best Lentil Loaf!  3 out of 3 non vegans i fed this to found it mad delish!  Rock it out with smashed potots (using Earth Balance and non dairy milk of course!) and some vegan gravy.

Coconut, Corn, and Black Bean Soup! Vegan Yum Yum does it again (special thanks to Chic Vegan for the heads up!)  Spoon over quinoa (keeeeeeen-waaaaaah) for a seriously healthy, protein packed, TASTY as F**** (sorry kids), dinner that makes enough for lunch and dinner the next day!

Spicy African Peanut Soup! The first time Ange and i made this we were in ecstasy.  Literally.  With bread and butter this soup is the bomb!

These are all pretty hearty meals, so don’t forget the good old, easy as pie (which isn’t really easy at all yo), tasty stir fries!  Add your fave veg (and then get wild and add some veg you have never heard of!) to some yumtastic sauce, scoop over rice or quinoa (keeeeeeeeen-waaaaaaaah) and voila!  Easy, tasty, and good for you.

Oh!  And Salad!  Can’t forget the salad!  Thanks to one of my fave boys i can now branch out from my BIG SALAD (all (and i mean ALL) of my fave salad veggies over greens, topped with balsamic and oil) obsession and into some more sophisticated recipes.

Hail to the Kale Salad! OMG i loooooooove this salad.  I craaaaaave this salad.  Think it’s not possible to crave salad?  I dare you to say that after you try this baby.  Yum.  Making some tonight.  Salavating as a type.

Oh My Ya, Papaya! Salad. I made up that name.  It does not come from the internet, it comes from a recipe card.  I don’t have the recipe card with me so you will have to wait and make Hail to the Kale for now.  Lucky you!

So those are some of my fave recipes online but i also have my go to cookbooks which are messy and dirty and well loved.  Nothing like cooking from a cookbook!  Check out Sarah Kramer and Isa Chandra Moskowitz to get started.

And if you’re not cooking then just pop over to Jenn’s house, she is the bestest vegan cook in the world! And i loves her 🙂

Oh, don’t know Jenn?  How sad.  Maybe one day you will but until then make due with some rad vegan restaurants! And THIS JUST INProvence now has a veggie/vegan set menu!  Nice!

Whew…..i pretty much just blogged in one day what i blogged all of last month!  Wow!  Time to hit the real world and go pick up the ingredients for that kale salad!


DAIYA CHEESE! At Capers and Donalds!

Who needs a post with a title like that?!?! Well i should say something i guess….

As much as we ♥♥♥ Karmavore – (who are (is?!?) moving to a BIGGER location with a DELI!) I am excited to announce Daiya cheese is now available at locations in Van City!  If you are not in the know Daiya is a locally made dairy, soy, and gluten free vegan cheese.  If you’re thinking it must suck than think again.  1st of all IT MELTS and second, as a good friend of mine says “it’s actually pretty cheesy”  He’s a cheese eating dude in case that matters.  Not sure what sizes are available…perhaps my super star friends and Vegan Spotters Jenn and Josie can let us know in the comments.

Josie confirms a sighting of Daiya at the Commercial Dr location, no word on Hastings St.

Jenn spotted Daiya at Capers on Robson, no news from other Whole Food locations.

To celebrate here’s a kick ass CHEESY vegan recipe!  Whoot!

Vegan Baked Mac and Cheese with Daiya

Radness – Accessorize!

Vegan handbags that are Oh So Cute!

Click the pic.

Sunglasses with serious edge

Crap photo of stellar shades.  Found them at a vendor during fireworks tonite and they are apparently LOKD Sunglasses.  Website is not working but they have a My Space page….

Big Ups and Mad Props! My Favorite Vegan(friendly) Restaurants in Van (and 1 in Portland)

*Update: July 29th 2010*

Ok, so there aren’t really that many totally vegan places in Van but there are many great options that are vegan friendly.  Much better than being vegan unfriendly.

Nuba – authentic Lebanese cuisine. Nuba has a flavorizer in the kitchen.  This is a top secret device that takes already nummy food and kicks it up 10 notches.  It looks similar to The Machine from The Princess Bride but inflicts yummy instead of pain.  I made that up but how else can they create such insanely flavorful morsels of delight!??!  I have loved everything i have ever had but i especially dig the Najib’s Special (crispy cauliflower tossed with lemon and sea salt) and i have finally started pronouncing it properly, NaJib with a hard J.  To make Nuba even awesomer they have updated their menu.  Instead of noting the vegan dishes they state that everything is vegan unless noted with an M for meat or a V for vegetarian.  Love that!  Also love the hottie cook i noticed in the kitchen today.

The Wallflower Modern Diner.  So far i have had the Portobello Burger, the Tofu Peanut Wrap, the Vegan-Gluten Free Pizza and bites of the Mac and Cheesy.  Mmmmm…….everything has been super-duper delish!  The Tofu Peanut Wrap is saucy and flavorful and filling and the Vegan-Gluten Free Pizza is AMAZING!  They make their own crust which has to be fresh and so the pizza is only available on Tuesday’s but it is worth the wait.  Light, tasty, not crumbly crust topped with your choice of veg and fake meat and of course, ooey gooey Daiya cheese to top it all off.  My non vegan, gluten eating friend said “this is sick you loser” JUST KIDDING!  She loved it and said she would def** be back for more.  Also the drinks are cool and fresh and creative, and the staff is friendly, fun, and well dressed.  Thanks Wallflower!  Also thanks for calling yourself a Modern Diner (which you are) instead of an Urban Diner.  Much less douchey.

Grub.  As with the Wallflower Grub has an option for everyone.  Like to eat duck?  there’s an entree for you!  Like to eat lamb?  Come on in!  Like to leave cute animals in the wild and off your plate?  You kick ass and can eat at Grub too!  Not only does Grub serve up the cruelty free gourmet they also have a drinks menu that includes punch.  In a punch bowl.  With little punch cups.  And a ladle.  Seriously!  It’s just too rad to describe, you’ll have to go check it out for yourself.

Planet Veg. Today was my first time and i will be going back for more fo sho.  Tomorrow maybe.  Awesome Indian vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.  I had the Bombay roll which was so great i went back on my way home to pick up some pakoras to go.  I am always amazed by restaurants that seem to have a magic flavor machine in back and wish i could come close to making my food taste the way they do.  Alas, that’s what going out to eat is all about i spose.  That and pretending you have slaves for an hour or so.

**October 6th:  WTF?!?  Why would i want to pretend i have slaves?!?  i meant servants.  Happy servants who are paid well and love serving.  They may or may not be unicorns.

Organic Lives. Totally vegan and raw gourmet restaurant and store.  If you like the idea of raw but don’t know if it can be effing amazing then check in here and check your head.  You will be blown away by what someone who knows their shit can do without cooking.  I recommend the lasagna and the pizza.  All i can say is WOWZERS.

Radha. Vegan gourmet.  When i am in here i don’t know what to do with myself and i order 4 or 5 things…having options as a vegan is overwhelming as it does not happen often.  Also it’s not as hippy dippy as it sounds.

Banditas Taqueria.  THE BEST VEGETARIAN BREAKFAST IN THE CITY!  Totally vegetarian with lots of vegan options – they carry non dairy milk, cheese, and sour creme!  Also the peeps is coooool.  You either know what i mean or you will when you go.  I seem to recall that i once went when it wasn’t breakfast and the food was great.  Oh, and one of the hottest boy spottings of my career (yes, my career as a hot boy spotter) was here.

The Naam.  But of course.  What would a veg in Van post be without a shout out to the Naam.  It is good.  And wholesome.  And yes, the fake looking grapes on the rafters outside are real.

And the one in Portland?  The Bye and Bye of course!  AN ALL VEGAN PUB!  PUB!!!  With “meat”ball subs, and grilled “cheese” and hot boys who work there and hot boys and girls who eat there and drinks in mason jars and an outside patio where you sit with strangers on picnic tables…..Breathe…And they let you smoke at the picnic tables which last year was rad but this year will be sad.  Oh well.  They have VEGAN CHILLI DOGS!  Oh my.

Did i miss a kick ass awesome vegan place in Van you love?!?  Let me know yo.

**it is A-OK to not spell a whole word because it takes away from your creative flow (read: lazy) on your blog.  It is A-NOT OK to not spell a whole word in order to cheat at Scrabble.  Thought you should know.

The hotties of the Bye and Bye.  Told you so.  Anyone up for a road trip?!?

Vegan Cruelty Free Makeup! Woo Hoo!

That is more kick ass than hippy dippy, me loves!  I haven’t tried it yet but when i do i’ll letcha know if it’s as rad as it looks.

Medusa’s Makeup, check it!


Vegan Spotted!

As a vegan sometimes it’s tough to find food that i can eat.  So in the spirit of Gossip Girl email me when you spot something vegan and i’ll share it with my readers!  Send in info and pics of food, drinks, events, clothes, whatever you think a vegan would be stoked to know about.  Email

For example:

Spotted!  Vegan cookies at the Starbucks on Robson St