I don’t know about you but i personally LOVE Movember!!!   It brings awareness to an important cause, of course…but mostly because of the kick ass mustaches popping up all over town!  I like to play this simple and fun game; Is that for Movember or all the time?  Game difficulty increases increasingly on Main St. Anyway, keep this fly tradition alive and support the cause by donating to my good friend Jason!


And when you are all done with that bit of great karma getting good times stop by Etsy for some super awesome mustache stuff!

Veggies and mustaches, 2 of my favorite things together at last!

Mustaches, not just for dudes and grannies any more!

Forget a milk mustache, go for the real deal!

What's this? Booze and mustaches? Another 2 of my favorite things together at last!


Epic Weekend!

Wow did i ever have a killer weekend!  I would like to send out mad props and big ups to my fab friends, Fighting Chance Productions, the VIBF, and the city of Van for being effing awesome all around 🙂

Friday Night

Got off work and needed a drink.  Thank JC for the amazing concoction known as already mixed vodka and Rockstar.  So not good for me but who the F cares when it’s Friday night and you need something to walk down the street with that won’t bring the fuzz.  Also i don’t think they have it in the States so it’s the one cool thing we have that they don’t.  Suck it States.  While walking i saw one beggar with a sign that read “traveling and ran out of money”.  My thought?  Fucking stop traveling and get a job loser…he wasn’t even trying, he was sleeping next to the sign.  The next beggar i saw had a different tactic as his sign read “need money for a penile enlargement, i’m a little short”…this guy was engaging the public and if i hadn’t been across the street i may have considered donating.

Next stop Fighting Chances production of The Wedding Singer the Musical. Ange, Jenn, Lian, Dorian, and Lian’s new BF joined up.  While it was a bit long it was a great show.  The acting was great, the singing was fab, and the costumes were AMAZING!  A huge ensemble cast all decked out in 80’s gear…nice.  I recommend seeing this show while you still can, because even though they did not (or could not) use all the rad songs from the movie, there was a Christopher Walken impersonator.  So that’s effing awesome.

Saturday Day

Woke up and made breakfast.  Don’t you just love it when you wake up to a clean house, make coffee and then breakfast all while sunshine is streaming in your windows?  If you don’t you’re lame, it’s the best.

Mmmmm, tofu scramble…..

After breakfast i took the ferry across the water to Granville Island do get some groceries.  Once on the Island i was serenaded by a hottie with a guitar singing some Cat Stevens.  Just to me.  And the hundreds of tourists and pigeons.  It was lovely.

We’re in love. He doesn’t know it yet.

After i pulled myself away from the crooning i went into the market and was bombarded with fresh fruit and veg, as well as zillions of people.  Remind me that although GI is beautiful on a sunny Saturday, as a local i have the privilege of shopping in the market on a Wednesday nite….

Armed a cup of my most favoritest blended coffee, the Coco-Mocha Latte from Petite Ami (i remember the day, after going vegan, i walked up and with a sense of impending doom asked….”can you make it vegan?”…..and YES they can!) i braved not only the people but my crap knowledge of fruit and veg.  As a vegan i really suck at identifying what things are and if they are ripe.  I seriously had to look at all the signs in order to find a honeydew melon!  Annnnyway…i love Organic Acres because not only is  everything is organic, it’s all mostly local.

So with 2 heaping bags of awesome fruit and veg i made my way back home.  Boy howdy do i love to people watch in English Bay on a Saturday.  Saw two of my faves, the old couple gearing up to go rollerblading (and i do mean gearing up, they must have bought every pad in the store, cute!) and the slutty jogger.  Yup, the one wearing acid washed short shorts, a bar top, full makeup and false eyelashes…to jog!  Love.

Check out all this rad food!  Yumtastic!

Saturday Night

Chick party, complete with Channy doing makeup, shots of tequila, “this shoe or that shoe?”, blended Sake-Kiwi-Melon drinks, and a pathetic attempt to eat so we don’t get wasted.  Wasted we got.  Although everyone did really enjoy the edamame and spinach hummus (thanks to the May recipe in the Go Vegan calendar).

Fashionably late we made it to the Rickshaw Theater for the Vancouver International Burlesque Fest.  Yee Haw that was good time, from what i can remember.  Lots of local ladies, some new faces, and one burlesque icon.  OH AND MAGIC!!!  Yup, we had a front row seat to all the tassle twirling…AND MAGIC.  I love magic.


Slept, watched TV, listened to the crazy sun runners, and slept some more.  Oh and had a Vera burger, fries and gravy.  🙂

Whew… weekend’s gonna rock too, stay tuned.  I’m sure i will be.

well hello May, let’s have some fun!

It’s going to be a kick ass month, already filled with radical things to do….

The Wedding Singer – who didn’t love the movie?!?  Adam Sandler was funny and cute, Drew Barrymore was her effervescent self, Billy Idol, while aged, was still pretty effing awesome.  The 80’s clothes, hair, and music….what could be better?!?!  HOW ABOUT A STAGE PRODUCTION?!?!  Although DB whom i adore will not be playing Julia Gulia i am more than stoked about going to see the Wedding Singer live.  Apparently tickets are selling by the bushel so go get yours ASAP!!

Brought to you by one of my favorite theater companies in Van, Fighting Chance Productions!

Vancouver International Burlesque Festival – Tassle’s will be a twirling, and i have front row seats!  Woo Hoo!  Vancouver has a stellar burlesque scene (as far as i am concerned) and so hopefully you’ve been out to see a few shows.  Here is your chance to catch your faves as well as some lovelies from other lands.  Book a table for the best deal, $165 includes 4 tickets to 4 shows and table service, that’s a helluva deal!

Terminal City Rollergirls Rollerderby – i want to be a roller girl!  i have a name picked out!  i want to make fun costumes and skate fast and knock chicks down!  Since i feel this strongly i think it’s time to go to my first live bout.  May 15th i am going to scream for a team and watch some whips in person, it is gonna be kick ass!

The Wild Party – what’s radder than dressing 20’s style, watching a live show at the Anza Club, and getting a free bottle of champagne?  i doubt much at all.

Massive Attack – normally not my thing but some good friends are coming to town and asked me to come with.  i’ve never been to tha Malkin Bowl so what the fuck, let’s give it a go!

Florence and the Machine at the Commodore

Florence is this cute little brit with red hair and a BIG voice.  Wow was she fantastic.  Fueled by her own brilliance, her amazing band, and the crowd, Florence had the most energy onstage i have seen since Juliette and the Licks.  She BELTED out the tunes, half the time jumping around like a lovable nutcase.  What i struck me most was the way she could just let er rip with all the intensity the song deserved and still sound fucking fantastic.

What I love About Live Shows and Did She Do It?

Talking to the audience, and yes she did.  I HATE when bands and singers give one lazy “Hey Vancouver” and never speak to us again.  Florence engaged us, not only with her performance but also with her banter, her genuine thanks for us being there, and a heartfelt liking of the city, including letting us know she “saw the mountains, and am full of sushi!”

What I Hate About Live Shows and Did She Do It?

Saving your big single for the encore, and i think she did.  We left before the encore cuz we’re old and it was late (does a Wednesday night show really have to start at 930pm for the opening act and 1030pm for the headliner???) so i can only assume she sang “Kiss with a Fist” in the encore because she didn’t sing it before.

Final review: I forgive the cardinal encore sin because you rocked my socks off Florence.  In fact although i downloaded your album i have been inspired to actually BUY it.  Thanks doll, hope to see you again.