Buzz Me Some Breaky: MONDAY, The Elvis Elixer…nummm

It’s Monday and I wanted to start off super simple and mega yumtastic instead of….not hard and yucky per se, but maybe a little bit harder and little bit yuckier.  But not yucky.  Dig?  Whatever,  i give you…..

The Elvis Elixer!

Start with milk.  I prefer almond and am now making my own using a heaping spoonful of almond butter buzzed with 1 cup water.  It’s SO EFFING EASY and you can make as little or as much as your heart desires.  Also while fairly high in GOOD fat it has no chemicals or weirdness like carrageenan (which while vegan and natural apparently is super hard to digest).  Remember (or have a great friend like Josie to remind you) FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY!  GOOD FAT IS….GOOD!  There is even a class at my Y this month all about eating fat to…shock….burn fat!  Whoot!

Add to the milk 1 banana, frozen preferably. Bananas are best over ripe, think the sweet spot right before you have to chuck them into the fridge along with the other 43 black bananas for an elusive day when you make banana bread.   If you’re a chick you know what i mean.  If you are a dude who has ever lived with a chick you know what i mean.  Anyway, brown spots mean more potassium and easier absorption of said potassium.

Add to the milk and banana 1 heaping spoonful of peanut butter (YUM!) and add to that anything else you like to pack into your morning smoothie.  For me it’s Vega protein, vitamin D (if you live in Van City please tell me you take vitamin D every day in the winter!!!!!!) and Udo oil.

Throw in some ice cubes and Shake, Rattle and Roll everything up in whatever you use to blend.

TAAAAA DAAAAA!  The easy by yummy ratio for this shake is off the hizzook.  See you tomorrow for something a little more serious….. 🙂

He liked it in a fried sandwhich, i like it in a smoothie!