31 is the New 33 is the New 37.

AKA Shots Shots Shots Shots….Everybody!

Where have i been?  in love.  i know, so cliche, but alas it is true.  I have been so enamored and inebriated with the new BF (not so new anymore)  that any inspiration went straight into my conversations with him, and not into this blog.  I’m ok with that, it’s all ebb and flow, yo.

Tonight tho, i spent with Ange, just two chicks on the town….and my oh my, we felt OLD.  Yup, at the ages of 31 and 33 we felt out of place and yet, not ready to give up the ghost, as we watched a band perform at a downtown Vancouver (Granville St) club.  It was all we could talk about!  Everyone was straight out of high school!!  Could they see how old we were as clearly as we could see how young they were??  As we walked home (at what time i’m not sure, but what i can tell you is: it is currently 12:14am and i have 1) went grocery shopping for breakfast in the morning 2) got into my PJ’s 3) emailed my account manager at my bank and 4) checked and commented on quite a few statuses on FB) we deduced I was the tween and Ange was teen of real adults.  We came up with a bullet proof theory, that only slightly tipsy people would understand….Relative age according to shots.  Do at least one and follow along.  At 31 i knew we shouldn’t do shots…but i still instigated it (see previous sentence).  At 33 Ange knew she shouldn’t do shots, but she still accepted them.  We also knew, from real life example (JBJ and the BF), that this would last until about 36 and then….at 37, we’d be real adults.  We would finally, mostly, say no to shots.  In the meantime though, we almost got tattoos, of mustaches on our fingers…and that’s all that matters.