Just had to share…..

I saw this note on the now closed The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe window last Saturday morning:

it just made me so sad to think of someone, who had risked everything to try their dream have it fail.  I know it happens all the time but that didn’t make this any less heatbreaking.  I never patronized (is that the right word for this context?) Bistro De Luxe as it didn’t really have much in the way of vegan menu items but i had once emailed them (i think they were on a Groupon or the like) and the woman who answered was lovely and said that if we gave advance notice the chef would do his best, nice!  Also i loved their decor and the morning sign outside trying to entice you in for breakfast or espresso always made me smile.

On Monday morning i saw this taped up next to the first note:

and it almost made me cry.  Even though the owners could not make it work, they were loved and appreciated for what they did do in their community.  Maybe they’ll take what they’ve learned and give it another go one day.

Anyway, that’s it, just wanted to share something that made me feel sad and happy and hopeful, when usually mornings just make me feel rushed and cranky 🙂

Peace out peeps.