Big UPs and Mad Props! What Makes Me Glow, From My Head to My Toes

Or actually, from toe to head…

Adrienne is the queen of pedi’s….and i’m sure mani’s and waxi’s and everything else she does but for me it’s all about the toes.  From Ninja’s to Mustachioed Bananas, cherries to zebra stripes, Adrienne never hesitates to create 10 little masterpieces for me to love and adore.

Lucia is the namesake of this salon on Broadway (and now open downtown!) and boy howdy does this lady know how to rock a Brazilian.  The first time i went all bare down there i was nervous as hell, but Lucia was warm, gracious, funny, and above all…fast!  Even while humming a tune, telling jokes, stopping to gaze at the ceiling to remember a thought, Lucia has you in and out within 15 minutes, you barely (hehe) have time to get nervous or feel pain! And although the Queen herself is my favorite she has trained many other women in the art of the….rip.  Check them out, you won’t be sorry!

I ♥ The Y

1) The facility is enormous, and clean.  Also you can pay to have a tote to leave your shoes there so you don’t have to carry them around.  The only downside? After months i sill get lost in the change rooms.  2) The classes are fab! From Dancefit with Johanna Ward to Cardio Kickboxing to my personal fave Yin Yoga with Angie, there is something for everyone. 3) Free nuts and appreciation!  Sometimes in the lobby there is a big sign that says “We appreciate you!” with little cups of nuts and berries.  How sweet. 4) The staff is fun, friendly, and energetic. 5) Everyone goes to the Y, except gym monkeys!  From skinny yoga bum girls to middle aged ladies, to old men who love Johanna’s class,  everyone fits in.  Except creepy over muscled dudes with bad tans!  Too bad 😦

So far every facial i have had at Skoah has been amazing.  I will continue to come here for several reasons.  The ambiance strikes a wonderful balance between warm and inviting and clean and clinical.  They say they’re not “spa-y” but the rooms are warm and cozy and have soft music playing.  The products (if you can get over the fact that they replace all their C’s with K’s) smell amazing and really work.  They make a point of encouraging loyalty.  The last time i was there i was given a free shampoo sample and every time you re-book within 2 months you receive money off product.  Also they send you a thank you email the day after your treatment.  They don’t push the products on you the way some spas do.  They simply make recommendations and leave you be.  The staff and business really seem to care about healthy glowing skin. It’s apparent from the obviously knowledgeable staff and the quality of the products.  And last…the messages…mmmmm the massages…..

Yes she is one of my bestest besties but when i say Josie is a hair goddess i mean it.  She took a gawd awful head of thick frizzy choppily colored mess and has transformed it time and time again.  From black to blond to red, with every color highlight of the rainbow.  From extensions to shaved designs Josie helps me show my creativity through my hair.  If it wasn’t for her collaboration i wouldn’t be nearly as fulfilled as a person as i am.

So those are the businesses and the people who make me feel pretty from top to bottom.  Thanks Ya’ll!


“Hey Adrienne, paint whatever you feel like!”

is what Josie and i said to Queen of Rad Pedi’s Adrienne from Polish’d a few weeks ago….

Yes, that is Josie with a skeleton in a witch hat and cobwebs and spiders.  And yes, that is Van Chick with a skeleton in a santa hat with mustaches on the rest of the piggies.  But wait!  Could it get more radifically random than that?!?

OK!  Staying with the Halloween/Random theme here we have a CANDY CORN VAMPIRE with a MUSTACHE!!!  Josie named him Pedro.  And to our right we have a BANANA with a MUSTACHE and MORE MUSTACHES!  The Banana is named Jacque.

Wow Adrienne, did anyone ever tell you YOU KICK SERIOUS ASS?  Well i just did and so i present you with…….




if you too want to have the bestest toes in the world/Van City check out Polish’d on Granville Yo.

This Just In! Facebook Stalking Leads to Cute Toes!

As you may or not be aware, i have been obsessed with getting kick ass, cute as hell designs on my toes for some time.  Generally I have gone to Bloom as their designs are pretty darn fab but recently Josie and I realized that Adrienne, our fave at Bloom was missing!  Where did she go?  We googled, found nothing, so we went to the Bloom FB page….maybe there would be a clue!?!?  Low and behold there was a message from a fellow Adrienne fan lamenting Blooms loss.  Hmmm, obviously it would make sense to message this stranger and ask “do you happen to know where Adrienne is?”.  Sure enough she did!  Polish’d is Adrienne’s new home, and what a cute home it is!  Nestled away in a little room in the upstairs of the Chop Shop on Granville is a pink and black paradise of funky finger designs. Phew.  And just like always Adrienne was funny and friendly as she painted out toes and left us walking out with these!!!!!!

Can you see?!?!  Can you see?!?!  Blue and black checks with CHERRY SKULLS on my big toe!  Yes, i am aware my big toes are humongous.  All the better for painting on!

And Josie got purple, WITH A CUPCAKE on one big toe and a LOLLIPOP WITH BAT WINGS on the other!!  It’s hard to see but i can attest, super rad!

The moral of this story is never hesitate to Facebook stalk, as it always works out well, and get your toes done at Polish’d, if you want to be rad like me.  And Josie.  Email Adrienne at

Arrrrrg, it’s fun to be a pirate!

Have you ever stolen movies, books, and music?  Come on, even once?   I think that in this day and age everyone is doing it…..and is it so wrong?

Read this article, read my few thoughts, and then let’s have a comment discussion shall we?

The Article:

Why I Steal Movies, Even Ones I Am In <– it’s funny, read it.

My thoughts:

Books. I don’t think i will ever download an ebook, whether stolen or purchased.  I love carrying around my paperback.  I love breaking the spine by bending the pages to hold it in one hand.  I love dog-earring, it makes my spot easy to find, no muss or fuss with book-marks, it makes the pages thicker, worn in, loved.  I love getting my book messy.  A little water, some sauce sprinkled here and there, a grass stain or two?  By the end of the book you know my book was read.   About the closest technology gets to my books is when i use my iphone to hold it down when i read while eating.

**now that no one will ever lend me a book again i may have to resort to stealing.

Music. I used to buy cassette tapes.  Then one day i learned the magic trick of putting a small piece of scotch tape over the little squares at the top of the cassette and viola, my first foray into stealing music was born. I spent hours recording the radio, paying attention to press pause whenever the DJ’s spoke or an ad came on.  Tedious as fuck but now i had my own mixes!  And sometimes my own voice as the DJ…but that’s a different story.  After the decline of cassettes there were CD’s, and no way to steal the music besides the old fashioned way and those little squares of theft protection on every disk really didn’t allow for that, not that i would have done it anyway.  Then came the internet and we all went mad.  I went mad, but have since become a little bit saner.  Yup, i still like to check out a new band through the magic of free samples however now i tend to go on over to itunes and purchase the album if i really like it.  This seems fair, right?  Here’s a little story that i feel justifies what i do.  Awhile ago i heard a song though my digital music on Shaw cable (let me know if you need digital cable!) that i loved.  When i saw the band was coming to the Commodore i wanted to know if i liked the band enough to go (they don’t allow in and out anymore at the Commodore, nor do they provide vegan food options so i really have to like the band to want to be trapped in there for hours and hours).   So i downloaded the album, and loved it.  I bought the tickets, loved the show (all while starving and needing to smoke) and then promptly bought the album when i got home.  Win-Win.  The band was Florence and the Machine and you should check them out (it’s up to you how), Florence is a goddess.  CD’s are bulky and a waste of plastic and i don’t like them.  Downloading allows me to both check out new bands, and then support them if i really like them.  Does anyone expect anyone to hear 1 song, or see an article, or go off a recommendation of a friend and then buy the whole album?  Are we millionaires?  Anyway….on to…..

Movies. Now this is a bit of a conundrum.  I love movies, but they are so goddamn expensive, either to rent or to see at the theater.  Movie makers, at least the ones producing box office contenders, make shit-tonnes of money.  Sometimes i cannot find a movie i want to see, it’s not playing here and the video store does not carry it.  Sometimes it’s 10pm and i have a hankering to watch Flashdance, i’m already in my PJ’s and have a late fee from 5 years ago at the video store….what to do?  I will never stop going to the theater.  I love the ritual of it (pay, pee, popcorn, phone off) and enjoy seeing films on the big screen, now that i have found a dairy-free version of Glossette Raisins my popcorn is complete.  But what about the video store?  Video on Demand (again, if you don’t have a digital box let me know!) is great, i can stay in my PJ’s, don’t have to worry about that late fee, and someone get’s paid.  Recently though i could not find a movie i wanted to see online or on VOD (Food Inc, highly recommended) and so i visited my local independent video store.  It was amazing and brought me back to the days when i loved going into Silver Screen in Kelowna, before movies were a click away.  Browsing the isles, seeing movies i loved and smiling at the memories of the love, adventure, laughs, discussing movies with real live PEOPLE who were also out of their homes and doing things the old fashioned way.  So my recommendation on movies?  Until the salaries of the people who make them make a little more sense, don’t feel too bad about borrowing a blockbuster.  Perhaps think twice about searching for hours for that documentary or independent film.  Go out into the world a little bit more, find a movie store and pay the $5 to see a film that may change your life.  And you cannot throw popcorn at your friends during or discuss the film with them after when sitting on your couch all by yourself.

A Helpful Guide to Independent Video Stores in Van

Independent Flixx – West End

Black Dog Video – 1 on Commercial Drive, 1 on Cambie

Videomatica – West 4th

Happy Bats Cinema – Main St

Video Magic – DT on Abbott and also in Coquitlam

Limelight Video – Alma St

So now let’s discuss!  Leave a comment….please?

come on…i had to!  you love it.

**random and not very related.  Visit the site of Jessica Mason, who has created some of the costumes for Florence and the Machine.  She makes some amazing stuff, and I am friends with her dad 🙂