Buzz Me Some Breaky!

I have a smoothie every day for breakfast.  Every work day that is, every weekend I have waffles, and pancakes, and sausages, and Bandita’s……I LOVE weekend breakfast.  But this is not about SMOOTHIES!  Smoothies are an amazing way to get whatever you need to get into your body quickly and easily and hopefully yummilly.  I myself have fallen into a rut and so what better fix than a ….. wait for it …. CHALLENGE! Yup, i am the queen of challenges…making them, and breaking them.  My issues are twice fold.  For A:  a few times in my life i have ROCKED a BIG challenge.  Simply kicked it’s ass so far into next week it’s really the week after.  I lost about 70 pounds once.  I have now quit smoking twice for more than 6 months (yes, as of today i am 12 days away from my 6 month quitaversary but no’s the only thing i have to give to my mom for her birthday 😉 …. hi mom!) and i went cold turkey from omnivore to Vegan (just passed my 2 year mark at the beginning of Jan! Whoot!).  This makes me think i can and should create grand challenges instead of smaller ones.  If anyone remembers my resolution list a few years back….i think i had about 30 resolutions….WTF?  Who does that?!?  The 2nd reason i am forever making challenges and breaking them is that i get excited/bored easily.  First i get all super gung ho on the challenge, this can sometimes lead me to challenge others. Then i either get bored of said challenge or am easily swayed by the exciting idea of not sticking with the challenge.  No booze November once ended because wouldn’t it be AWESOME to do a shot before a theatrical production?!?!  Eating clean August was totally derailed by…well….SUMMER for eff sakes!  So, with all that said i think i may have finally learned my lesson.  I don’t need to only drink smoothies for a month! I can simply create, enjoy, and share…7!

And so i give you….

A WEEK OF AWESOME SMOOTHIES!!!!  Whoot hoo hoo hoo and hooray!  Are you as excited as i am?  Either way …  click the blender to jump to the awesomeness!